Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my life in an update

Well, hello there November 30th. How you doin'?

Me? I'm doin' well. Thanks for asking.

Oh..... you weren't asking? All right then............

So I finished November's goal. A day early. And I'm pretty pumped about it. I did have a moment where I thought it wasn't going to get done. It was causing me some angst and I tend to retreat when I feel angst. I was ready to walk away, hang my head and admit defeat. But then yesterday came and my main character got all sassy and she found herself in big doodoo and her dad showed up and he was real angry-like and her mom and dad had another mongo doozy of a fight and mean words were said and she and her mom moved out and her dad started drinking himself to death and this was just one chapter.

Before I knew it I had written 5600 words and.......


Just like that I am a nanowrimo champion.

I should clarify something though. I did not write an entire novel in 30 days (well 29 but that's not the point). I wrote 50,000 words (well 50,118 but again, not the point) of a novel in that time. So, it's not done yet. It's almost done. I will finish it. I need to because the end isn't done and that's the part I wanted to write from the very beginning.

People die.....shhhhhhhh. It's a secret.

Anyway, today I have to get ready for the big Cub Christmas Craft. It's going to be .......... how do you say.......challenging?

I showed you what we were going to do but I needed to give it pizzazz. You know?

And by pizzazz I mean food.

So for family home evening Monday night we made some as a family. The prototype.

The chocolates were too heavy and pulled the centre paper all which way and back again. The clothespins were falling and pulling and it was a real pinterest nightmare. So we cut the centre out of cardboard, which fixed that wagon. But then the chocolates were falling off the clothespins because, again, they are too heavy and the two sided sticky things I had were from the dollar store because stuff is cheap at the dollar store and I have a meager budget. Like really skimpy. Anyway, they weren't sticky enough. Chocolates were falling all over the floor and I would yell things like "stop falling on the floor, I'm trying to write a book over here" and "I hate you stupid cheap dollar store two-sided sticky tabs!"

They weren't sticky enough. And it was irritating unto me. Shocker.

So the man suggested hot glue but my hot glue gun was malfunctioning. So the man went to the garage and got tools and I said a quick good bye to my already not working glue gun because we all know when the man shows up with tools a inanimate object funeral is imminent.

He took that $3 glue gun apart and made that sucker work. It's a good thing the man works pro bono because there was no way the time he spent fixing that piece of poop was worth it.

Anyway, we glued them and made them strong and then I cracked open a Diet Pepsi because it really had been quite the day.

And dinner was delicious too, I might add.

And then we watched Canada's Worst Driver. Do you watch that show? It really is something to behold.

Tomorrow I reveal December's goal. I'll give you two hints:

1. It will be lovely.

2. It involves this dude.....

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  1. I am reaalllllllllly serious - let me edit it when you are done - oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :)