Thursday, November 3, 2011

dr.suess was an amateur

Here is an excerpt from my new book. Tell me what you think.

On Monday, the little one woke warm, with emotion.
She said "my stomachs' not well, it's like a rough ocean."
Her forehead was hot and her fever ran high.
We sent the others off to school, good-bye.
It was just her and me for days to come.
Just her and me and medications some.

I do not like it when she is sick
I do not like it. Not one lick.
It hurts my heart and leaves me hopeless
I can't fix it and I wish for mope-less
Besides that point it infringes on me
But that doesn't matter, it's about her, you see.
I had things to do both in and out
Things to do that are not about
being sick with sore throats and fevers galore
But instead about haircuts and plenty more.

The little one cried and whined and fussed.
She looked disheveled, her hair a-mussed.
Her throat was on fire, her cheeks were red.
I medicated and medicated and put her to bed.

On Halloween night we ventured out
And walked and walked with nary a pout
The little one was tired but walked longer still
She pressed on bravely 'cause her friends weren't ill.
She wanted her fair share and who could blame her?
She exclaimed,"This is the best holiday EVER!"

Four days off school so far but we'll see
When I told her "fever is broken" - glee!
She asked if she could go back to school because
She was better and bored and no more 'twas
This fever to take away all her fun
Days upon days with just mommy are done!

Fingers crossed.

Just kidding, this is not from my book. It's not a memoir, silly.

I am going loopy (how can you tell?) from being home bound and trying my hand at writing a book all whilst waiting out the fever that never ends. This rhyming crap is way easier. Maybe Dr. Suess is looking for a replacement?

Here's to hoping that Amelia is well. Poor little thing. Breaks my heart.

On that note...... here is what's driving me insane most of all. No pun intended.

Let me demonstrate.

This is a picture of the Mazda 3, the ugliest car known to man. (No offense if you own one of these, to each their own.)

And this is Jack's impersonation of the Mazda 3, which we not-so-fondly refer to as "smiley car".

This is neither here nor there.

This is the part that drives me mental. When we are out driving there are approximately 3562 of these cars on the road. Everytime we see one one of the kids yells "Smiley Car!" And what song do you think pops in my head every single time?

That's right. You guessed it. Now maybe you'll go insane as well and then we can be friends.

Speaking of friends, go here to vote for me or I'm comin' after you. What? You don't believe me? Try me. Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs .

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  1. Yeah, you've got some talent!!

  2. Love the smiling car. If only I could see life through your eyes just for one day...

  3. Love the poem! Hope your little girl is feeling better soon!

  4. Tell Jack his impression is perfect. I'm sorry about your sickie...I've had a couple pukers here & I have to say I'm impressed you were able to come up with a poem. My brain is so tired.