Saturday, November 5, 2011

christmas wish list and a little bit o' poo

So the Holts catalogue came in the mail which is such a relief because I was stumped as to what I wanted for Christmas. Could not, for the life of me, think of what to ask for. This catalogue just makes everything so much easier.


I am torn, however, between the Dior watch for $10,350 and the.......

the Chiclet bracelet for $4410

The prices are on opposite ends of the spectrum, I realize. I guess we'll see what the budget allows.

Strangely, at this point, I am feeling an urge to pay homage to Kim Kardashian. How could anything that seemed so right go so wrong? But I feel as though she might be receiving too much negative attention in the media. I wouldn't want what I have to say to be misconstrued so I think I'll step away.

Anyway, last night was this event and I was so excited to go. I harassed you and begged you and basically made you feel like poo if you didn't participate. I got all gussied up and made someone else drive me there only to be turned away after an intensive discussion regarding my previous heart issues. The nurse told me that 47 years of doing what she does and she'd never been faced with a condition like mine.

I felt so special.

Whatever. She checked with the head nurse, who also said no, and then we filled out paper work to be sent to my cardiologist. Hopefully in a few months time I will be cleared and be able to donate with my very own special permission letter.

I couldn't donate and now I feel like a piece of poo.

We went out for dinner after and it was still a great night out and I look forward to doing it again. And next time I will be bleeding into a tube. If not, I will be eternally devastated.

Isn't this a sad story? If you feel bad for me then you should feel free to go vote for me to brighten this otherwise less bright day. Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs. In fact, you can vote from every apparatus in your house or on your person. Which is simply awesome, no?

And by the way, if you have voted for me I love you. If you have voted for me more than once I owe you big time. Perhaps my 5th born?

And there is still time to throw your name in the hat for the giveaway.


  1. Okay, that 'Poo' title is gonna make this a popular post! Sneaky you, tell them your sob story and you'll gain another vote-- wah wah! (Only kidding Chiquita- your blog rocks!)

  2. At least you got a funky set of handmade bangles to take home :) it was fab to actually "meet" you

  3. I have been voting at work AND at will win!

    Divine Mrs. M

  4. Giving blood does something strange to me. I give, I eat (my cookie), I drink (my juice), I drive home & then I almost pass out & have to lay in bed the rest of the day while my body replenishes itself. Because of this, my husband forbids me to share my blood ever again. So I'm a piece of poo too! But our hearts are in the right place, right?