Thursday, October 6, 2011

i'm not that pinterested, actually.

In a moment of total humility, I would like to publicly apologize for signing up for pinterest and then doing absolutely nothing with it. Everyday I get emails saying someone new is following me and I think to myself, "oh you poor person. You will be so bored with my pinterest-ing."

See, I applied to join. I'd heard all the fuss. I heard the addiction level was high. I heard that it was another paving stone on the road to time suckage. Since I feel as though I have pioneered the way for all to wander down this scenic avenue I thought I'd check it out. Join the masses, youknowwhatimean?

Then........ they made me wait. They said they would send me an invite when they had time.

Pashaw....whatever pinterest. Invite? Trust me, I wasn't that excited about it to begin with. And then you have the nerve to make me wait?

I don't wait well.

It was a whole entire day before I got the 'invite'. A whole entire day.

Next up, the "let's get you started" email. It said "drag the 'pin' button into your bookmark bar and then you can pin your life away". It seemed easy enough. Click and drag. I can do that.

Click and drag. Even a total moron could do that. And I am definitely NOT one of those.

But then......the 'pin' button wouldn't drag.

I tried and tried and like a total moron tried some more. It wouldn't drag.

This has been the extent of my pinterest-ing. I gave up. Right then and there I declared that if it wasn't going to drag for me then I wasn't going to pin. Anything.

Take that pinterest.

There, I showed them.

I think I have mentioned before that my attention span lacks........attention? It's pretty short. I can do anything for very short spurts of time. If it frustrates me then I'm out.

Just like that. I am out.

So, until that little 'pin' button decides it's going to do what the makers of it declare it's capable of doing I'm afraid pinterest and I will not be cavorting much.

Or...... until I miraculously develop an attention span that might take me one step further than the click and drag step.

Whichever comes first. One does seem slightly more likely than the other, no?

To the rest of you who have been sucked into the unrelenting vortex that is away people.

Pin away.

As for me and my 'pin' button? We are here. It's a stand off.

Bring it.


  1. Click and drag?? Huh?
    I've been on pinterest and I don't "drag" the pin button anywhere. Maybe that's your problem.

    You're not missing much though. I joined because of all the hype. It's interesting, but there's just WAY TOO MUCH REPETITION and I find that annoying. So, you're not missing out.

  2. I have the "pin it" button but I have yet to use it. I just like to look at the pretty pictures of food and start drooling all over the keyboard...