Wednesday, October 12, 2011

am i right? or am i right?

So I'm starting a new segment on my blog called 'Am I right? Or am I right?" Today is the kick off. It will involve a disagreement of sorts between me and the man or me and someone else or the man and someone else or you and me or you and someone else or you and the man or..............I think you see my point.

I'll tell you who the disagree-ers are and what the disagreement is about without revealing who is on what side.


Then you weigh in and tell me who's right. Then I can prove to the man, once and for all, that I am always right. I mean....... we can settle it fair and square.

Here it goes.

Disagree-ers: me and the man

Disagreement: flossing

One of us thinks that it's okay to floss anywhere and everywhere. The other one thinks flossing is akin to toileting and should only be done in the comfort of your bathroom, by yourself.

One of us thinks it's okay to carry around one of these.....

.....everywhere we go and pull it out as we drive. The other one of us thinks it's disgusting and can't believe the rude brazenness of the other.

One of us thinks it's okay to leave it lying in the cup holder when we're done with it to keep it safe for later use. Or on the counter. Or the kitchen table. Or the bathroom counter. Or the.........need I go on?

The other one thinks it is just plain bad manners to leave such a thing lying around. Again, akin to toileting. One wouldn't leave their used toilet paper lying around would they?

So. Here is where you come in. In the comments below or on my facebook page tell me who is right here? If it isn't me then I will bake up a big ol' humble pie and eat it for dinner but I suspect.........

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do tell.


  1. Flossing should be done in private and those should be never left out or re-used. Yuck! Use and then toss. If you think it's a waste then don't buy them and stick with plain old floss.

  2. Blech. Private. If I saw one of those sitting around, partially used, I might vomit all over it. Try flossing with that.

  3. I think flossing should be done in private but I think that anywhere with my family is private so I think flossing in the car is acceptable as long as the car is full of only family members. I think that flossers should not be left all over. Also, my dentist told me that you should reuse flossers until the floss breaks.

    There, my two cents.

  4. I think it's disgusting to leave those everywhere. I have been somewhere when people have pulled them out. Yuck! If they feel they can do it anywhere, they must be an old person because it's usually old people that do that kind of stuff. I hope you are the one who doesn't like it, otherwise I just called you old...

  5. I just say HORRAY for flossing....Most people don't do it!

  6. Nope private! Tell Darcy to keep his flossing to himself!!

  7. Isn't there bacteria on these used flossers? Doesn't it multiply while it sits there on the table? And then use it again a day or two later? Disgusting! Can we get a dentist/hygienist to weigh in here?