Friday, October 7, 2011

the 1st annual dabels' pop chugging competition

My maiden name is Siakaluk. The Siakaluk's like their pop. And they sure know how to drink it. With ice, naturally. In order to determine which of my children received this unusually unique gene I needed to watch them drink pop. Real quick-like. The results are outstanding. And disappointing. Next time I will have to show them how it's done.

Amelia though, she never disappoints.......



  1. Please let me be in your family. I would so rock this.

  2. I've only tried chugging pop once like that. All I can say is that it was excruciatingly painful. And I found that surprising.
    Now, if it came to water, now that I can chug. Even Cam is amazed at how quickly I can drink a whole water bottle.

  3. Well we all know girls rule.

  4. Oh, man. I've been pronouncing Dabels wrong in my head this whole time.

  5. LOL at Natasha! Okay, that was horribly impressive from Amelia! Seriously that kid can sure chug. And I loved watching them yell "it's burning, ahhh" haha!