Friday, September 30, 2011

the skinny and october's goal

Another boring week at the Dabels'. Today is the last day of September though which means we have a new month coming and a new goal. Read on.

Let's see, this week we discussed my daughter and her birthday.

We talked about the man and me potentially mistaking him for an axe wielding murderer which turned into a shot at the size of his.......propane tank.

We discussed my disdain, I mean love, for cub scouts. And we also discussed poop. Important things.

As it turns out, more people have trouble pooping than I was aware of. I am glad I didn't just post the recipe because I received many emails from people in need of a good poop. I'm here to help, people. Excavation is an imperative aspect to true happiness.

Don't email me back and tell me it doesn't work. Or that may drive me to do things like take pictures to prove it does. And no one wants that.

Unless you do want that? No...... no one wants that. This isn't "Rate My Poop . com". It does work. Eat it everyday and euphoria will be yours. I promise.

Anyway, it's almost a new month. It's almost my birthday.

Last month I picked time management as my goal. With all 4 kids in school all day I had lots of time to get stuff done. My goal was to manage it.

Turns out I suck at time management. Okay, it doesn't turn out. I already knew that which is why I picked the goal. But with all the time I had every day, I figured I could spend lots of time thinking, pondering and doing good time management. All that does is create guilt, so it seems, in someone like me. I felt like a failure almost every minute of every day. I had a list of things I wanted done everyday. I got lots on the list done, just not in the order in which I wanted it done.

The thing I didn't get done hardly ever was cleaning. I thought my house would be a lot cleaner than this if the kids were gone all day.

It seems to me, that houses only get clean if someone cleans them. Having kids gone does not clean a house. Why didn't anyone ever tell me this?

What do you mean the kids don't take their mess with them when they go to school? What do you mean the mess stays behind and mocks me while I read?

These questions are out in the universe right now. Thrown there by me. Being ignored, no less. The universe is rude-like.

So I need to clean. You know how I know? When the 12 year old boy walks through the kitchen and says "Ewwwww, I can't even stand in here the floor is so dirty," I know it's time to find the steam mop.

Where is my steam mop? And since when did the biggest slob on the planet look down at a floor and decide it's gross?

Bloody kid.

October's goal:

Try something new, physically.

I need to get out of the house. I am not getting bored. Just lonely. The man says these are two different things when I was explaining to him how I am adjusting to my new life of sahm with no kids.

Bored vs. lonely. Regardless, I need to get out and see some people.

What are these people I speak of? I have almost forgotten. If I don't socialize soon I will turn weird. Weirder than I already am.


Sooooooooooo, I signed up for a one month challenge to do hot yoga. 30 classes in 30 days. Of hot yoga.

Yep, I did. Call me crazy.

But........ wish me luck. Because that would be the polite thing to do after you call someone crazy.


  1. Hot Yoga is great but I'm not sure I could do it for 30 days in a row. You are awesome!

    Also, I have constant poop issues. I've never been a good pooper. It's my gift and my curse. Well, except there is not gift. So, it's just my curse!

  2. Good crazy lady!

    Please email that recipe :)

  3. I think your goal should have been geocaching! It can be physical, outdoors and social. Especially since October has a couple "events" where you can meet up with other geocachers. Plus, I'm always down South and I'd always be happy to have someone go with me.... especially once it gets dark early. I'm not crazy about walking along pathways in the dark.... so if you want, you can join up with me on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

  4. I've never tried hot yoga. I can't wait to hear how it goes. I dislike saunas so I'm thinking it's not for me unless you report back that it is the most amazing thing ever. Then I'll be forced to try it.

  5. Hot Yoga is great! I love it. I've had a few friends do the 30 day challenges and they keep going back. Which one are you doing?

  6. Wished you lived closer...I would totally do Hot Yoga with you! Lydia goes to school all day but only every other day.....Ya it is weird over here, but I actually like that system!
    Hey I don't have poop problems, but I am trying to be healthier and it would be cool that I can say I made my own granola....So can I have a copy of the recipe?

    Thanks girl....

  7. If I could email you KS Photography I would! I know you think it can't be done but I'll show you!