Sunday, September 4, 2011

the return of the skinny

The skinny is back people. Sorry, if this offends your sensibilities but it was my resolution and I refuse to leave it for dead.

It is looking rather peaked, though. We will resuscitate, fear not.

September has a new goal. It is terrifying. It defies all that I am both inside and out. It will test me to my very limits. It will determine whether I can be a productive member of society or if I am to become the woman who never again puts a bra on. Or makeup. Or real life clothes. It will make me or break me during this new, exciting and momentous time in my life.

It is......

time management


Catherine manage all of this new free time she has inherited from having all the kids go to school full time???

What was that? You call bull-crap?

How dare you!

This is the plan. Make a schedule that involves all of the things I deem important in my life like: prayers, scripture reading, exercise, showering, cleaning, reading, tv watching, movie going, lunch eating, blog writing/reading, twittering, facebooking, etc........ and make them fit in a daily, consistent, non smashed together, time managed routine. I wrote it down. It involves waking at 7 which I believed was manageable. I was going to start on September 1.

On September 1 my alarm went off and I rolled over. I blamed it on a bad night but we are all perfectly aware that it is my inability to follow any self imposed rules that is to blame.

So Tuesday, when Cicely starts early morning seminary (6:45 start time, ahem!) I will be forced to get up even earlier than 7, which is not self imposed so I will do it, and begin this new month of managing my oh so precious and valuable time.

Every weekend, as per usual, I will check in and relive my success, which might be code for dismal failure, with all of you. I will also include my exercise. It will be awesome. You will not want to miss it.

I swear it.


  1. This is interesting timing. Number 1 because I was just thinking yesterday..."Where's the Skinny?". And Number 2 because I am doing the same thing...planning my life so I can get everything done and still be smiling at the end of the day.


  2. Yes smiling due to all the free time being so awesome and fun and not all work work work. My plan is a very structured morning with the hours from 1-4 just for me. One month. We'll see how it goes.

    The skinny is back, baby. Thanks for checking in Sheila. You're the bomb.

  3. You're so's taking me 3 years to get to this. I mistakenly thought I had to fill MY time with other people's work or volunteer "opportunities". If someone comes knocking on your door with a great job (like soccer coordinating) RUN!!! Very very fast.

  4. Scheduling time for facebook is brilliant. I would be WAY more productive if I did that!!