Thursday, September 8, 2011

point form

- my teenager is a bi-polar, irrational, unpredictable psychopath. I doubt either of us will make it out alive.

- my head hurts all the time. I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that I am not really sleeping well right now combined with a new 6:20 am wake up call that is to blame. All I know is that Advil extra strength Liquigels are not cutting it and I am unhappy about the whole situation.

- the house is quiet during the day and I am in love with quiet......because my head hurts.

- yesterday I made some popcorn, grabbed a diet Pepsi and the movie Jane Eyre and went into my own theatre in my own basement. I'll let you guess what that was like.

- it was awesome. Sorry, I couldn't resist giving you the answer.

- I love on Twitter how many women talk about the mass amount of pharmaceuticals they ingest. It just lends to the argument that the world is whacked. Or life is hard. Or something like that.

- right now I am eating ice cold grapes. They are red and big and fat and delicious.

- my anonymous friend is blogging about a giveaway at her blog right now. It may or may not include free food at Boston Pizza. It probably doesn't so don't bother checking it out. And I am not saying that so my chances of winning nothing are increased.

- I feel like I live in a constant state of Sesame Street. You know the part of Sesame Street where you have to figure out which one of the things doesn't belong here. I have 4 kids. On any given day 3 of them will eat the same thing for lunch. One will not. Can you guess which one doesn't belong? Here's a hint: see my first point on this post.

- starting tomorrow at noon I will have my sisters three kids for two whole days. Please pray for two things. 1. the weekend flies by and 2. my head doesn't explode from all the noise. Her kids plus my kids are louder than this. I do, however, expect the death toll to be much less.

- I am not a teacher, just a mother of 4 so what do I know anyway, but I feel like it is just plain wrong to have a child be in school for 6 hours a day and then give them 5 hours of homework. Now, keep in mind that Cicely home schooled last year and so she got used to working at her own pace which may equal that to a turtle, a really old turtle, but she spent 5 hours after school last night doing an assignment she received yesterday and was due today. I hate homework. I think it is stupid. I think kids suffer enough at school and I think they should be taught what they need to know there without having it ooze into every single free minute they have in a day. Naturally, if they are goofing off in class and don't get something done then they should have homework and I don't count reading as homework. Everyone should read everyday. Two of my siblings are teachers and don't agree with me about homework. But I don't care, I still think homework is stupid. Especially any kind of homework that involves a shoe box and construction paper.

- don't send me emails about how you don't think homework is stupid. I still won't care.

- my house is still 'for sale'. We just hit 7 months of 'for sale'. I want to kill someone. Or at least punch them in the throat.

- Swamp People and Big Brother make me undeniably happy. Next week Survivor will add to that happiness. I am really not that hard to please.

- and finally, I am really happy about the new distracted driving laws. I really hope people will clean up their acts behind the wheel and put their freaking phones away. Hey Laurie, do you have anything you'd like to share about the new distracted driving laws?


  1. Hearing about her being so crazy makes me feel a bit better I only have boys. Actually, not really. Sorry!!

  2. I think homework in elementary school is STU.PID. & I agree that reading is not homework (unless there's too much of it). Plus there's the whole issue of how much time is wasted at school...but I'm not going to talk about it because I'm trying to be positive right now.