Thursday, September 1, 2011

happy september one

The children went to school today. Oh, I've already mentioned that? Am I boring you yet?

I'm boring me.

In all honesty I do not know what to do with myself. Nothing I had planned is happening. The movie will happen but it's not time yet. Actually the only thing I had planned was to be alone and I am so......

Let's see. What have I done today?
-screamed loud because I could? Check
-peed with the door open? Check.
-dance around until my saddle bags begged for mercy? Check
-shed many a tear and made sounds no one should ever make? Check
-chugged a diet Pepsi? Check. Check.
-turnd off the ice maker because there is more ice in that thing than seems normal? Check
-folded 3 loads of laundry whilst watching House Hunters? Check
-put said laundry away? Nuh uh. What am I? The maid?
-workout? Nope. I'm still new a this. Give me time.
-played on facebook and twitter? Duh.

Maybe I should take up a new hobby. Like hot yoga, I've always wanted to try that. Or knitting. I could knit the kids some super cute winter sweaters. Or baking. No, that one is just plain stupid. I'm not doing that.

Oh, I know!! I am going to master the fine art of talking to myself. I think I would be awesome at that. It would be like being alone only....not. And when I get sick of my company I can tell her to leave without hurting anyones feelings.

The next ten months are going to be nuts. It still hasn't sunk in what is going on around here. I can't wrap my head around it. I feel like I've reached a very significant milestone in my life. I have successfully, and I use that term loosely, raised 4 kids until school aged. I'm not done yet, I realize, but at least I can now blame their failures on school instead of myself.


I am in a state of shock really. Yes, shock. It doesn't seem real. They are in school and I am home. Alone. I don't know what to do. I am confused. Excited but confused. I know I am not the first person who has had all their children go to school all day but I feel like I might be. I feel like I won some sort of cheesy stay at home mommy/housewife sweepstakes. The prize is some serious alone time.

I'll take it.

Please don't email me and tell me I'll find things to fill my time and that all of a sudden my world will be filled with things to do that will suck my days and kill my spirit. No I won't. I won't allow it. What I see happening for the next 10 months is:

-wandering aimlessly for more hours than is considered reasonable.
-read more. And do it through lunch.
-yoga actually sounds like a really great idea. I'm going to look into that.
-exercise more consistently. Summer is over.
-accept that ice cream is not a breakfast food.
-or a lunch food.
-or dinner. Oh man.
-write a book. Now doesn't THAT sound interesting? And ohhhhhhh so cliche. What kind of SAHM who writes a blog would I be if I didn't at least pretend there was a book idea in there somewhere?

Chapter one. Hmmmm, I got nothin'.

This is my year, it's all about me. Unless we get any poorer and I have to get a job but that's not going to happen, right? Knock on wood. The man said I could come and work for him. I said we have already mastered the art of time suckage. We can go our separate career ways. He doesn't agree.......

Anyway, I prefer to live in this lala land-like fantasy world I have envisioned. Whatever my reality will be this is how I choose to fool myself right now.

Me me me. Alone alone alone.

I may or may not be dancing around naked right now.

Most likely not, but I am alone so how would you know?

Naturally, the older two took off and refused to pose for pictures. Killjoys.


  1. I don't like how that kid behind Holden is sizing him up with his scowl and skeleton shirt. Punk kid.
    I would be screaming and laughing and probably watching a movie on my couch that was not animated, eating something OTHER than grill-cheese sandwiches or hotdogs for lunch. Or PB&J. Oh the possibilities!

  2. Wow, this sounds so wicked I can't even believe it! But maybe that's because I couldn't even enjoy my mat leave without starting up a business. Ah, some of us are suckers for punishment I guess!

    And how is it possible that Holden even goes to school let alone Amelia. I don't like how fast kids these days grow up!!

  3. If you need helping talking to yourself I can be of assistance - I'm quite the expert!

  4. I think you'll be bored in two weeks.