Friday, August 12, 2011

stuff to do

This week has really been something. The man has taken the boys with him to work four times. When they are gone I feel as though there is nothing to do. I read. When they are here I want them gone because all I do is break up fights. I'm the bouncer.

Plus they're really loud. Vaulted houses are for people without kids. I have kids. It's loud in here.

I don't get paid enough for this job.

Moving on. I shot myself in the foot last week.

Not literally, although that really would have been something to talk about. Maybe I should go shoot myself in the foot, for real.

Seriously though, the man told me he thought he may be able to go with us on our next trip to Vernon (next week). The last time I went the weather sucked so bad I have decided to book a week off from my painfully busy summer schedule and go again. The man wants to come. The man needs to come. He really does. He is worn out.

Anyway, he gave me the "I have one job to do before we go. It will only take a couple of days and the then there will be a few days where I will be waiting for the next job so I think I should be able to come" speech.

That was last Friday. I was so worried he wouldn't get done in time I told him I would come and work with him if he thought it would help. I made it perfectly clear I wasn't coming to work my duff off and then have him not come with me. I would only help if it would guarantee his butt would fill a seat in my truck on our way to the beach.

Bang! (that was me shooting myself in the foot) Ouch!

He got all excited about this. He started thinking how fun it would be to work together again. Just like we did last summer on the reno. See, he and I share very different views on our working together last summer.

My view: I have left my children to do this horrific job that I hate more than life itself and I can't believe I agreed to this horrible awful reno and why is this so hard and why can't anything just be easy with this stupid hard reno and when will the nightmare end?

His view: Now this is the life. Working with my beautiful wife who makes me so happy with her cheerful demeanor. Since I have to work anyway because that's my job as the man, I may as well bring my amazing wife with me to keep me company all day since she's my favourite person in the whole wide world. Plus, she looks really hot when she's all sweaty and stuff.

Like I said, slightly different outlook on things.

Back to the present. Monday came along but so did my period.

"Is there a toilet out there because I'm going to need a toilet, if you know what I mean" says I.

"Nope. But there are lots of trees" says he.

"Then I can't go. Sorry. Take the boys" says I. And he took the boys.


"You coming to work today?" Hint hint.

"Sorry. Still on my period and it's rough this month. Take the boys" says I. He took the boys.

Wednesday. Things seem to be under control but the man is still hinting that I should come to work. He thinks it would be fun.

"Look, I'm not coming to keep you company" says I.

"You said you would come" says he.

"Yeah, if you NEEDED me. I don't think you need me. You said you are almost done" says I. "Plus, I have stuff to do, you know."

Stuff to do: The Help came out in the movies and it was imperative that I see that. On Wednesday. Opening day.


Lately I have caught him reading my blog so hopefully he will recognize the importance of what I do all day and not begrudge me an afternoon at the movies. Disregard anything I said at the beginning of this post that may have alluded to the fact that him taking two of the children to work all week has left me nothing to do except read.

My life is hard. It's my burden. Never you mind.

Friday, today.

"Are you coming to work today, because I could actually use you today."

I believe him. But........

there is a showing today and I need to clean the house since it isn't that clean. I've been busy. I had stuff to do.

Take the boys.

He took the boys.

Where's my book? I mean......vacuum.

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  1. BAHAHA!!! What book, I mean vacuum, are you busy with these days?