Monday, August 8, 2011

the palsy and some planning

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's sort of an anniversary around here. I am celebrating one whole year since the palsy!

That's right. It's been a year. One year ago yesterday I fell to the palsy.

Remember that? Good times.

Not so much.

Every now and then I feel a twinge in my cheek. Or an ache in my brow. Or a laziness in my smile that sends me running to the bathroom to stare myself down in the mirror.

I only took one picture of it and texted it to my friend Jess and then deleted it. I wish I hadn't.

Go look in the mirror. Pinch one eye shut as tight as you can. Now, on that same side bring the side of your mouth up as high as you can. Do all of this without disrupting the other side of your face at all. Now say.....

aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh. Like the pirate I know you are.

There's your snapshot.


On to happier topics. In a couple of weeks all 4 kids will be in school all day.

Take it in a moment. Ahhhhhh..........

I have been pondering for years what my first week will look like with the kids back in school and what I plan to do with that week. I want to hear some thoughts.

What did you do the first week all your kids were gone all day?

If that hasn't happened to you yet, what do you WANT to do the first week your kids are gone all day?

Tell me. Tell me. I will have four days to contend with and I want to start the fantasizing now.

Ready..... set..... GO!

Note: if your answers involve cleaning or bill paying or laundry or basic housewife things that are not fun in any way whatsoever, you need not respond.


  1. Whew! I'm glad it's the anniversary and not the return of the palsy.

    It's been a few years but I definitely went for coffee with friends, lunch with friends. I probably went to Market Mall and looked at what I wanted to look at. But really I liked being at home all. by. myself. And making lunch for just me.

  2. Ah my little girl moved into a townhouse with some girlfriends for her senior year at ASU. Mostly I've been admiring how clean the guest bathroom is.

  3. Duh. Of course, eat chocolate.

  4. School starts here in 11 days and 5 hours. And I will probably just sit in my closet and drink wine. Wait--that's what I'm doing now.