Tuesday, August 30, 2011

back to school preview

I could do the obligatory back to school blog post tomorrow or the day after. The one where I post all the cute pictures of the kids being all nervous and stuff for their big day.

But why? It's the same every year. Nervous, excited kids. Weepy proud mama. Blah blah blah....

It would be weird to do that today though because there are no pictures. Except this one......

Little Miss Mia's new indoor shoes are so cute I want to eat them.

Huh? I don't even know what that means. Moving on.

I can't blog about it, however, because the big day hasn't happened yet. Back to school is tomorrow.

The kids are so excited. Especially the big one who home schooled last year in an effort to drive me out of my mind. What she doesn't know is that it actually worked out great. She babysat the loud one a ton for me while she put herself through grade 8.

What a gal. She's the best.

The kids are picking out their 'first day of school' outfits. Which actually look a lot like all their other outfits because I don't buy my kids back to school clothes. Yes, I'm mean like that. Trust me, I've heard all about it. I buy them clothes when they need them. Whatever. September is expensive enough. Plus, in my experience, when I buy them stuff in September it doesn't fit by December and that is really super annoying.

Like to a spectacular degree super annoying.

The two little ones got new shoes and it took many hours at the mall to accomplish that much. That was torture enough, yes it was.

Plus I got my curly, unruly hair stuck in my favourite earrings twice and I had to tear it out both times. I hate that so much.

Anyway, tomorrow they ALL go to school ALL day. By 9:15 tomorrow morning I will be a free agent until 4 or until someone pukes and the school calls me to come get them. This has never happened, so...............

Did I just jinx my first free day in like 100 years?

While my children sit around today and wonder about teachers and friends and all the glorious anxiety inducing moments they will have the first day, I have only one thought:

What movie should I see tomorrow?

Tomorrow at 9:15 am, if you listen hard enough you will hear me woot wooting over here. Alone. While the kids are away.

I might be a bad mom.



  1. I can't wait until all my boys are in school All. Day. Long. I still have a couple more years though :( Enjoy your day. And I hope the school doesn't call you.....

  2. Dude. I do the same thing with kid's clothes.