Friday, July 1, 2011

thoughts on a friday which actually feels more like a saturday

What's goin' on. Point form.

- it's Canada Day. So.... Happy Canada Day! We went to the tamest, mildest, quietest pancake breakfast ever known to man this morning because my ward is......... how should I say......"seasoned". It was pretty decent actually, if you are 70 or older. Kidding. It was good.

- I finished reading the Book of Mormon, which if you remember was my goal for June. It was about 37 times harder than I thought it would be. Well worth the effort though. However, it did require 3 hours of reading on the very last day to get it done. No biggie.

- I did not read a single other thing this month. I miss reading books.

- I was up at 6:25 this morning, thanks to the man's alarm going off. So, I read a novel while he slept until 8. He's awesome, right?

- we have had 8 showings since Sunday. I'm just not sure what to think anymore. I could not be more disheartened if I tried.

- if people don't take a feature sheet it means they didn't like the house, right? Thought so.......

- I have two kids going to camp on Monday. They both have a 'to pack' list that has gone beyond fathomable and entered into the utterly ridiculous category. For whatever reason, thinking about getting them ready to go causes me some serious anxiety and I just don't want to do it. What I really want is for everyone to leave me alone.

- I am going to the beach in a week and I don't have a swimsuit. I won't even mention the level of anxiety this causes. Maybe this will be my goal for July. Find a swimsuit that doesn't make me look nearly as big as I am. Sounds fairly achievable. Or not.

- the man works non-stop. I'm sick of it. Really really sick of it. I feel like a single mother with a boyfriend who spends the night. Which makes me feel sinful and dirty. Okay, not really.

- I'm contemplating taking the kids to the fireworks tonight but I haven't told them in case I change my mind. If I do go it will be alone, most likely, since the man will want to work tomorrow and he'll need to go to bed.

- we ate dinner at 7:40 last night because that's when I got around to making it. It was a caesar salad. No word of a lie. A Caesar salad.

- as I go back and read this I see that, clearly, I am not in a very good mood. I should quit now.

- before I go I want to mention that I watched two episodes of House Hunters International just now. Because I'm tired from getting up at 6:25. Oh, I already mentioned that. Anyway, I can't decide if I want to live in Italy or France........

- Italy or France?


  1. Have some cookies/bread just baked so the scents are wafting throughout your home. Maybe leave a plate of cookies on the counter…….I'd remember your house (The Cookie House) and I'd probably buy it. ;)

  2. I feel for you.... having to buy a new bathing suit. I just had to find one. It took me 2 weeks and too many stores to count to finally find one that I thought was acceptable. In fact, I still had to do some minor adjustments once I got home (I really don't understand why they make bathing suits so darn low cut and if they're not, then they've got a lovely "Peek-a-boo" window at my cleavage) So annoying! I wish you much better luck than I had in your shopping!!!

  3. Italy! Good food, nice people and beautiful countryside.

    I suggest Swimco for your swimsuit. They are pricey but you will wear it for a long time and be happy with it. The lighting is good...the sales staff are usually good...and they have something for everyone. You deserve to be happy in your swimsuit.

  4. France! We went both places for our honeymoon and I enjoyed France way more...though I do speak the language so I suppose that probably swayed me.

    Did you go to the fireworks?

    What are you going to read next?

    p.s. - I finally got to Guernsey like you suggested and loved it. Now I'm reading The Red Tent.