Friday, July 8, 2011

this post may or may not be PMS related

So I was blog reading today and came across a really funny post about flipping off the things that make you mental.

Since I'm mental and all I thought I felt the need to flip off some of my own stuff as there seems to be so much of it.

WARNING: This post may not be for everyone so if you feel as though you might be in an offended kind of mood or a really happy mood you don't want pooped upon due do the mass flipping off going on around here then you should probably go elsewhere. Also, only click on the button above if you have the constitution to handle reading some potty words.

Here goes:

Flip you the first: I live in a house with no screens in doors or windows. Of course I do. This house is cursed. No screens means bugs of every sort flying about my personal space and making me all bugged-like. Flip you bugs.

Flip you the second: I live in a house with no screens in the doors or windows. Of course I do. I also live in a community with gigantic poplar trees that are so graciously sharing ever last bit of pollen they can muster. Any pollen that might not be stuck to peoples lawns........

is blowing around my house. Of course it is. Flip you pollen and all your refusing to settle so as to be vacuumed blowy-ness.

Flip you the third: I live in a house with no screens in windows or doors. Of course I do. I also live in a great house that won't sell. Seriously Willacy, I could not flip you off enough for this. Flip you one thousand times for making my life so deeply stressful and unhappy over the last 18 months. Flip you.

Flip you the fourth: Flip me for buying Willacy in the first place. Flip you, me!

Flip you the fifth: Teenagers who cuss at the beach where my sweet little children are trying to play. Flip you for being so self absorbed and inconsiderate to those around you. Flip you foul mouthed teens who think they are all that.

Flip you the sixth: Sunburns. I have a sunburn and it really really hurts. Flip you sunburn.

That's probably enough flipping off today, although I could go on. I'm in that kind of mood.

Strangely, I do feel better. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a post about the things I do NOT want to flip off. Like Costco ice cream cones.


  1. Bwahahahah!

    Go drink a Diet Pepsi and rest yer finger...

  2. Love you you gave the cautionary tale that I may swear a bit :p

    Thank you for linking up! That sunburn crap? Double handed flip. Not to mention the damn kids on the beach. I would trip them.

  3. If I was rich I would buy Willacy so it can stop tourturing you. Seriously, you so need to be done with that part of your life! Maybe you should do an energy cleanse!

  4. Love this post. Why is it so gratifying to read about other people complaining about things?

    And now I want ice cream.