Thursday, July 21, 2011

beach holidays aren't what they used to be

I'm home.

Ahhhh. It's about time.

So I went to Vernon to see mummy and daddy. It's a great way to get away because it's always hot and sunny in the okanagan. I stay with the folks therefore accommodation is cheap.

And by cheap I mean free.

We go to the beach all day everyday and therefore it's a super fun, super sunny, super cheap holiday.

Unless it rains everyday.

Which it mostly did. Which mostly sucked. Because I'm mostly broke.

10 days. 4 beach attempts. 2 successes. These stats are not pretty.

That's it for beach pics. Pretty awesome, I know.

So.....what would you like to talk about instead? Bed head?

No?? How about the 37 minutes we spent at Davisson's Orchard which, by the way, turned out to be the nicest day we had but the forecast said it was going to rain so we didn't even attempt the beach. The kids even talked to some Shaw newsies. Except for the teenager because she's all cool-like and stuff.

No?? How about blowing bubbles in the backyard?

Still no?? All right then, we'll chat about my brother and his wife doing Turbo Jam whilst I sat on the couch taking pictures and motivating them to push harder, lift higher, dance funkier, smile bigger, sweat rougher (sweat rougher?? what does that even mean?), punch stiffer. Work it!! I was very helpful.

Very motivational-like.

I don't think Derek reads my blog, or Valene for that matter, so I should be free and clear with this next photo. Don't anyone tell them I did this!

Hey...... I'm a writer. I have obligations to entertain which I take very seriously.

Yes, go ahead. Take a minute to talk about this one for a bit. I'll wait here.

All righty then, carrying on. Valene did make this super fun dessert to enjoy after jamming of the turbo was done.

Mmmmm, Skor dessert out of a bucket. She's so crafty.

Or....we could talk about the signs of the times. Instead of going to the beach we just sat around watching the world come to an end. That's always chit chat worthy. No??

So. In other words. We did not have the beach holiday I was hoping for but instead, I read lots and relaxed lots and ate lots of sugar which today I am starting to detox from. Again.

So there it is. A photo essay for your perusal and less than exhilarating entertainment.

However, I feel a burden to share something with you. A warning of sorts.

For those of you planning a trip to the Okanagan, you should know, it's broken.

If you do go, then you can follow the rainbow home........ we did.



  1. Wish I'd known it was broken before we came out to summerland. :( not hot enough for my blood.

  2. Sorry to hear the weather sucked out there! What? You didn't do Turbo Jam?? I like that workout ;)

  3. Sorry about the weather but at least you got to go a couple times and get some cute pictures.