Monday, June 13, 2011

swedish fish and the eff word

This is my anniversary week. On Friday we celebrate 16 years of marital bliss. And it has been bliss. I have been the luckiest in love in the history of people feeling lucky in love. Our marriage has been easy.

Easy peasey, I say.

He isn't the most romantic guy I've ever met, although he seduced me with pretend romance whilst dating. Mean trick. Not nice. Roses weekly until marriage and then poof...... nothing.

No love letters, not like my ex-boyfriend. He wrote me love letters. Left them around and such. Even stomped a little love in the snow for me to read on my way to the car.

The man does sometimes whisper sweet nothings. I like sweet nothings.

He likes to make bets. As inappropriate as they may be on occasion. He thinks I'm wrong about stuff and when I'm right he says "you were right. You are always right."

He's right.

A few weeks ago we took Holden to see Thor for his treat night. Thor is rated PG-13 which means it CAN have one F word. The man asked on the way what it was rated, I told him, he said it would have an F word and I said it would not.

The convo went a little something like this.

me: "It's rated PG-13."

him: "Well then it has an F word in it. We shouldn't take Holden" (Holden is 8)

me: "That just means it can have one F word. Thor won't have an F word because it's sort of a kids movie. Plus, they didn't say the F word back in the olden days."

The olden days of Thor.

him: "Then why would it be rated PG-13?"

me: "Cause, it's got fighting and stuff....."

him: "Nuh uh. It's got an F word."

me: "No, it doesn't. That's ridiculous."

This went on in this fashion until he said: "Wanna make a bet?"

me: "yep." Sometimes I get cocky.

I won't divulge here what he wanted if he won the bet. Like I said, inappropriate. I think deep down he knows he's wrong so he goes down fighting.

Me, on the other hand, I'm no fool. I asked for dinner made and cleaned up the next day. The menu had already been shopped for and planned, and it was fancy.

So, did Thor have an F word?

Nope. No siree bob. It did not have an F word and I ate well the next day, thank you very much!

The three of us snacked on these during Thor........

which just so happen to be the man's favourite treat. And just so you know, the only fish I'll eat.


  1. Funny, we both had eff word posts today. Sadly mine wasn't like yours.

  2. I've always had a particular fondness for the f word myself!!

  3. Ps. Don't those fish have sugar in them?

  4. Yes they do. I ate them during my time off the wagon. I'm back on now and have been for a couple of weeks so rest easy Mama. I'm sleeping like a cucumber. (Amelia says cucumbers sleep really really well)