Friday, June 24, 2011

snotty birds and the never ending golf weekend

The man left me. He went golfing. He went on his annual two day golfing/eating extravaganza that is actually more like three days since they golfed yesterday as well. They had to warm up, so he tells me.

I do not begrudge him his golf weekend because he works hard and we have a deal. The deal is he golfs and I scrapbook. Every year he takes an allotted amount of money and golfs. I take that same amount of money and scrapbook. He goes away for a weekend. I go away for a weekend.

Sounds fair right?

It would be totally wicked if it was true. See I haven't been away on a scrapbooking weekend for three years and he hasn't missed a golf weekend since........ever.

This is mostly my fault since I up and decided one day that scrapbooking was a giant waste of money and I would rather do fun things with the man, like go to Italy, than scrapbook.

Obviously, he doesn't feel the same way about golf.

So now I have no weekend. And this is a problem since two of the four kids don't have a scrapbook. I may have to suck it up and do one for them so they don't need therapy in their older years. Scrapbooking their albums may be the more frugal choice in this matter.

Back to golf. The man is a workaholic. If he's stressed he's a double workaholic. What is a double workaholic?

I don't know. Maybe someone who works more that a workaholic because he's stressed?


So all week he's been working late because he's stressed about not working on the weekend. Yes, I know, this makes all kinds of sense. He comes home tired and a wee bit cranky. He eats, showers and falls all dead-like into bed just to get up and do it all over the next day.

Yesterday, Thursday, he went to work. Then he went golfing. He needed to warm up, remember? And then he went back to work. He didn't bother to let me know this and why not? Because he's the man. But since I thought he was going to be home at a decent hour I allowed MY babysitter to go babysit elsewhere. Which left me without a babysitter. Which made me an hour late for book club. Which turned out not to be too much of a problem since I only read 82 pages of the 600 page book and they talked about it before I got there.

Yes, my book club talks about the book.

So, the moral of the story is...... this two day golf weekend will actually be more like 6 days when all is said and done because I haven't seen my husband since Monday. Or was it Sunday?

I feel some begrudging coming on.

On Tuesday I did some touch up painting and patching in one of the bedrooms and when I was done I put the ladder out on the patio. Later that night, as I was washing dishes in my oh so dutiful wifely happy way, I noticed a Robin flying to and from the ladder. I went to investigate because that's what I do. I investigate things because I'm nosey.

Yes, I'm nosey.

Pretty cool, huh? Pretty fast too. That talented bird did this in a matter of hours. It was all perfect and round and muddy inside. The quintessential bird's nest.

Sadly though, I needed the ladder so we moved the nest near by in a safe stable place but that snotty bird decided it wasn't good enough for her so she never came back.

Whatever. Snotty bird.

Tonight is Gwynnie night. I'm going to rent me some Country Strong and enjoy a Diet Pepsi and some sugar-free chocolate because I am the woman and I can.


  1. Love the picture! That's crazy they work so fast, had no idea!

  2. Sugar-free chocolate? What the H. Blasphemy.

    Country Strong has AWESOME music. Not the soundtrack. Repeat. Not the soundtrack…only the singers in the movie.

  3. Cam's a double, maybe even triple, workaholic. He works during the day and then works a lot of all-nighters. Drives me crazy why they can't just say "No" to additional work when the workload is already too much. I'm glad Cam's no the only one.

    That's crazy about the bird nest. It built that whole nest in a matter of a few hours? That's really quite amazing.

  4. Oh I understand the working man who's gone. Most of the time it doesn't drive me crazy, but every now and then I have a little pity party about it all! AND what book did you read?? I wish I was still getting the list so I could read the books since you guys always had good books (and sometimes my current book club has um...... well it just isn't the same)

  5. Wow. I shouldn't stay away from here ever because I always miss a bunch of cool stuff!