Monday, June 27, 2011

the skinny got jacked

So the skinny this week is real quick-like. Just like last week. Nothing. I didn't formally work out and I don't formally care.

I spent some time working on the house in a reno regard and also a yard work regard. Both made me sweat so I'm going with that.

I'm taking July and August off and not posting the skinny. Not that I won't work out but...... well, we'll see. My goals for July and August will be to enjoy the summer and my children. To see my house sell and to move??

Should I be so lucky? If you're the praying sort maybe you could send a shout out on my behalf. I really feel like this needs to happen.

Real soon-like.


My head is somewhere else right now. I don't know where it might be but I'll find it and when I do I'll send it, and my bum, back to the treadmill, or the gym or wherever my little heart's desires take me.

It's all good.

This is Jack. He thinks he runs the joint. I came home the other day at 1:30pm and he was making himself a 'snack'. I say snack because he'd already eaten the full lunch I made for him. He decided he needed an entire box of macaroni as his snack.

Which is just plain gross.

Not only he did he eat the entire box but he ate it out of the pot in which he cooked it in, with the biggest spork he could get his hands on.

Whose kid is that?


  1. BUT...he didn't dirty any extra dishes. Go Jack!

  2. Angi GerrieJune 27, 2011

    Last day of school grade 7... Angi ate an entire box of Kraft dinner out of the pot. She lied and said she felt awesome. She wishes she could do such a thing- today, right now... hmm... kd...