Thursday, June 2, 2011

a random thursday think

Just a couple of items of business on this Thursday morning. No biggie or anything.

- it has been brought to my attention that this month twenty years ago I graduated from high school. It seems to me that the math on this is just simply wrong. There is no way it has been 20 years. There is just. no. way.

- my children are going away tomorrow for two sleeps to their auntie's house. I do not know why, but my level of excitement over this equals that only to a trip to disneyland.

- I went to my last kindergarten butterfly celebration yesterday. I seriously do not understand what genetic makeup would be required for a person to want to teach kindergarten. Five years olds are cute, no question. But 55 five year olds fighting over who gets to let the butterflies go and who gets the orange popsicles is not cute. Knowwhatimean?

My 5 year old is cute though. Seriously cute.

This is the flower she planted her 'very own self'. They asked Walmart to donate each one of them a flower so they could give the butterflies somewhere beautiful to live. She was very proud of her little fleur.

and finally........... sweetness.

We are almost done with kindergarten forever. Sigh......


  1. Awwwww i know how you feel! My little girl is graduating preschool next week-- we visited her new kindergarten the other day and i had tears in my eyes. Didn't think i'd get all sapster like that.

    Happy Wknd! Do nothing- drink dt. Pepsi, eat chocolate and walk around the house naked! Live it up! LOL

  2. The math is definitely wrong. Because if you graduated 20 years ago then so did I. And there's no way that was 20 years ago. It was just a few years back.

    Congratulations to your baby graduating kindergarten! What a bittersweet time. I love each year they get older but am sad to see the younger years become memories.

  3. Oh my!! What are you going to do when they're gone?!?!?!

  4. And she seriously looks like the sweetest girl.

  5. that bottom pic is priceless!

  6. hehehe, unless you've gone through menopause never say never, friend!

  7. Wow, 20 years, no way! The crazy thing is that I feel so alive and physically I am so much better than 20 years ago. Enjoy your time without the kids. I can't wait for some time away. Hopefully it will come soon. BTW the pictures are so beautiful.