Sunday, June 19, 2011

a random assortment of things on my mind and in my body

I forgot my skinny again for last week. And it was a good week so that's too bad. And, I didn't call this post the skinny because I think people don't read it if it's got the word skinny in it. I felt as though a bit of trickery was in order.

You're reading this aren't you?

Consider yourself tricked.

June 6 5.1 on couch to 10k = 4.30 miles
June 8 I tried to do 5.2 but it wasn't happening to my satisfaction so I walked at an incline. 3.2 miles
June 9 elliptical 7.72 miles in 37 min
June 10 elliptical 7.86 miles in 40 min

Not a bad week. But the next, this past week? Not. So. Good. Picture me making the oops face.

June 13 elliptical 8.63 miles in 40 min. Good workout but the only workout.

I had a busy week and for some reason I have the mentality that if I don't work out in the morning then the window of opportunity has closed. Which it sort of has if I have showered and gotten ready.

Okay, no it hasn't. But I was busy and it was a good busy and I had a really good week and I ate really well and I got lots done and I felt happy and so.........there.

But then Friday came and.....

holy mother of meat!

Bolero's for dinner. We had a reservation for 6 and the man walked in the door at 5:57 and took the fastest shower known to mankind and I was hollering from the hall "shower faster! Hurry up!"

Honestly..... men.

See I had sent him a text saying I needed some ant spray and could he please stop and get me some. I guess he thought that meant at the risk of our reservation because, after all, we have ants now in the house and who needs meat by the bucket full when there are ants to contend with?

However, I thought the "if you have time" part was implied. I guess not.

You'd think after all this time I'd have it figured out. Or he would have. Or someone would have and explained it to me by now, but alas, we don't and we were late for dinner but it turned out not to matter.

I called the restaurant and they were all "Oh yeah, you have tons of time. Your reservation is for two hours."

Fret for nothing. Other than the fact that he was still not home 3 minutes before the reservation but whatever.......

Dinner was amazing but I actually I thought I may have OD'd on meat. I started to feel real strange-like and I wondered if my stomach had burst and delicious meat juices were oozing into places they shouldn't be oozing into.

It was like man vs. food and not only did man win but man took that meat to the centre of town and opened up a can of youknowwhat on it and showed it who's boss and...... I could go on, but why? I think you get it.

I felt like this guy when all was said and done.

It occurred to me later that night that I hadn't eaten meat for a least a week and then I started to panic that I was really actually going to die, on my 16th wedding anniversary, a slow and painful meat-type death because I hadn't prepared properly.

I'm still here though.

I hear you sighing your relief.

We went to see The Lincoln Lawyer and I didn't like it but I'm not sure if it was because it was stupid or because I was so full and high-like from the meat that I couldn't concentrate and I didn't get it.

Either way, Marisa Tomei is looking old. I still think she's beautiful though.

So yesterday I went to our second annual Peaceful Warrior Tournament with my boys. Both boys participated this year and so it was double the fun, right? A three hour tournament that turned out to be more like four hours is ALWAYS fun. Especially when I'm alone and trying not to doze off in a meat induced hangover whilst also trying to pay attention to who is doing what and where he might be doing it.

Four hours is too long.

I sent the man many texts so as to not feel so alone in the world.

Text one: Meat hangover+ brutal cramps= one rough mamacita

Text two: There is a kid here named Magnus.

Text three: Instructor Ian and the demo team. Mm mm mm

Text four: I just got hungry (I sent that one at 1:11 pm)

Text five: Jack is owning at kumite.

Text six: Why can't stuff end on time? We are now 45 minutes over time.

The man did not respond to single one of those. And why not? I'm sure it wasn't annoying to him at all that I was doing that while he was trying to work.

Despite all my effort I guess I really was alone in the world.

The point is: Jack got Gold for Kumite (sparring) in his division and both boys got the 'thanks for coming out' medal.

I'm proud of them. They are great little ninjas. And it was their last day until we figure out what is happening with our house and where we are moving.

I am so done with that ridiculous drive.

I took 65 pictures and they all look like these.

I really am very good with my iphone........

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  1. I was totally right about Bolero's! Okay, partially right since I couldn't remember the name...