Tuesday, June 21, 2011

mummy time

Yesterday I bought some milk.

The expiry date says July 4th.

Um....excuse me?? What? July! Isn't that like two months away? Won't the milk be nasty by then?

This happens to me every year. All of a sudden the kids are like "Only 6 more days of school!!"

And I'm like "What in the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep are you talking about?!?!"

Yesterday I took the kids to school and as soon as I got home the phone rang and it was Jack telling me he didn't have school. So I had to go back and get him. What kind of school has a PD day a week before school is over? And what kind of grade 6er doesn't know he doesn't have school?

It's obvious what kind of parent doesn't know their kid doesn't have school. That was made plain and clear a long time ago.


Anyway, summer time. It's coming. It's all good baby. I think I'll go do some of this.......

Rotting by the lake with a book and a drink. I'm going to go to the Okanagan and let my mummy take care of me for a bit.

That sounds nice, no?


  1. DO it! Oh and would your Mommy look after me and mine too??

  2. Awesome! My kids are too young for me to "rot". When will I get to read at the beach again?

  3. I'd take the OK anyday.! That's awesome you have a Mum who can take care of you :)

    P.S. I thought you were going to post something about the unnatural shelf life of 'fresh' milk. hehe.

  4. It sounds peaceful to have your Mom take care of you while you read at the beach.

  5. Sounds nice, yes! My kids are still in school till next Wednesday, but honestly, as much as I like them in school, these last few days are exhausting: talent show, end of the year party, end of the year dance, exams, last minute reports...I'll be following your lead and sitting my ass on the beach soonest! Great plan!