Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the last day

Today was the last day of school. It is done.

What is there to say? Except.....

we had three showings today and one yesterday and one the day before. My nerves are so shot I want to puke.

My house is wicked clean though.

Two more months and all four kids will be in school all day long.

I do declare......there should be some celebrating tonight.

The kind that doesn't involve me messing up my pretty kitchen. The one no one wants to buy.

Today was my last day of kindergarten.



  1. Whatever will you do with all the time you'll gain being kidless in September?

  2. Wow that sounds wicked. Except knowing you it won't happen. Nope, something will have to go wrong. Like Amelia will have to repeat kindergarten because she hated it or you will foster a preschooler or adopt a baby. But I'm praying you've suffered enough!