Thursday, June 16, 2011

the custody agreement

Okay, I don't feel like before and after pics today. It's raining.

What? That doesn't make any sense??

Maybe next week, if the sun comes out I'll find my love of searching through itty bitty pictures and I'll post the rest. See now, it's lost it's zest for me, you know?

But here is my favourite before picture.

It is a picture mural on the far theatre wall. It was dressed on either side with some truly delicious nude coloured curtains. It was sad to see it go and for whatever reason it was the only 'thing' in the house in perfect condition.

Now it looks like this:

Less flare....sadly. But also, less distraction. It's a trade off, I guess.

So anyway..... moving on. Tomorrow is the big day. Number 16. Remember number 15? Good times.

All we have planned this year is dinner and a cheap movie and, in all honesty, I'm completely happy with that.

The other day we were reminiscing about when we were dating and we went into HMV to look at CD's. It almost seems unreal that there was a time when you had to physically get off your duff and go buy a cd.

Ohh, those 90's.

Anyhow...... we wanted to buy a Green Day CD and we actually had a conversation that included this sentence:

"Who gets it if we break up?"

We ended up buying two, we each paid for one and decided that we would each take one if we broke up. It only seemed fair that we each get custody of one.

Our custody arrangements now, 16 years later, have taken on a whole new meaning, youknowwhatimean?

Based on previous experience, am I to assume that since there are four children we would each get two? Because I'm pretty sure I know which two I'd take........

You still haven't answered my question. In fact the comment love around here lacks in a lugubrious way. Did I use that right? I have no idea how to use that word.

Where am I going for my anniversary dinner? Here's a hint:



  1. My guess is the Keg... Am I right? Happy Anniversary to you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! My hubby and i celebrate 9yrs next week (14 together)--

    As for that BIG L word, i think so... but not like most people really know for sure anyways, lol!

  3. Bolero?

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. I totally giggled at the 2 each comment and knowing which 2 you get!

    You're going to that place! The place on Macleod! The one whose name escapes me! It's a full meat that gives you meat sweats for the whole day after. Am I right???

  6. You are going to the Brazillian place right? And that's funny you would take half the kids. I always tell M that if we divorce he can have the kids. Seriously I'll pay child support. I don't care if I have to work at McDonalds!! Of course I'm kidding...

  7. Yeah, I married Mr. Meat Glut myself. The first 7 years we were married I didn't eat any meat at all. Quite shocking to him.