Thursday, June 9, 2011

another random thursday think

It's Thursday, right?

As I ponder what to write about my anxiety ridden mind can't settle on any one thing. A plethora of thoughts crowd my mind and I wonder, as I have for days now, what is wrong with me. Yesterday I mentioned on facebook that I was feeling crummy when a friend mentioned that she was as well. Then another friend suggested I go get my hormones checked since I'm getting OLDer now it is quite possible that my body is telling me something. And she's right because if anyones body is going to tell them something via annoying physical ailments, it'll be mine.

Yes it will.

I thought about this for some time. I thought maybe I should go see my doctor who happened to change her name at the same time she changed locations. Interesting. I haven't seen her in at least 18 months. It might just be time to shoot the breeze with Joan. And maybe mention that I want her to find my mojo and return it to me.

Plus, I need a pap smear. Was that uncalled for?

So I made an appointment for next Tuesday. The receptionist asked me where I've been and I said I've been healthy. She said it would be good to see me again. And then I thought to myself why oh why do they know me so well when I frequent their establishment but once every two years? Anyway......

Last night as I was getting ready for bed and entertaining thoughts as to whether or not to tell the man I think I'm dying of a mood altering cancer it occurred to me to check the calendar. So I did.

10 days until youknowwhat comes to town.

Nope, not talking about it.

But all of a sudden it all makes sense. Out come the happy pills. Give me a couple of days. Good thing I figured it out though because the shudders of anxiety I experienced at 4 this morning would have scared me to death.

So yesterday when I went to pick up Amelia, the teacher asked me to stay and have a chat for a bit.

Uh oh..... What on earth has my perfect kinder done now? (kinder, as in kindergarten student. Not kinder, as in nicer than me)

Apparently, she refuses to do her "must-do" work. She has no problem getting into play time. Well, duh. But must do stuff? No way, no how, she ain't doin' it.

Nuh uh, this little piece of perfection? I'm not buying it!

Yes I am. I'm totally buying it. After this little meeting I felt inspired to call the man and inform him that his last spawn has created a meeting with the powers that be in regards to her kinder performance and that he should be so proud that his unique kinder hating gene has been passed successfully into at least one of our children.

He laughed. Naturally.....

While I was writing this a giant thump was heard at my window. So giant was it that I jumped and may have said a less than good word. I went to the window in fear of what I would see and low and behold my fears were justified. A little birdie lay twitching on the earth.

What came next I won't say because I am less than proud of how I carried on. But by the time I got my camera and returned it looked like this:

He seems to have pulled himself together somewhat. However, he is still there.

I have to read The Forgotten Garden for book club this month and I was waiting, sort of impatient-like, for it to come into the library. Last Saturday, whilst I was perusing the book aisle at Costco with the man during our little stay-cation, I saw it and for $9.99 I thought my waiting could be over if I just purchased it. So I did.

It came into the library today.

Of course it did.

So today I finish The Lonely Polygamist which I loved loved loved despite the fact that it gave me horrible polygamy dreams. I will start The Forgotten Garden, which I now own, and it will most likely take me a million months to read because my mojo died and I have lost my love of putting forth any amount of energy that might exceed the amount required to watch Friday Night Lights and drink Diet Pepsi.

That blasted bird is still there...... I wish Rhonda was here. She'd know what to do and then she'd probably do it for me.


  1. Apparently blogger won't allow comments. Stupid blogger.

  2. Oh, blogger is allowing my comments... at least for now. You don't have to worry about going to the Dr so infrequently... especially for a pap. They don't recommend you going every year for one any more. Now they say every couple years (unless there's a problem) and in the past, I've had heard drs say that if you're (low risk... meaning having had only one partner), you don't even need to go that often either. So they say. So, I figure I'm good for a good many years before I need to go back. Or, so I say.
    Can I say I love the way you use certain words that I'd never, ever say.... like today's "plethora". It's just not in my vocal vocabulary. Vocal as in, I know what it is and what it means, I just would never say it or write it or use in any dialog that I might have. You use quite a few of these types of words. It's amusing to me. Don't stop... I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just mentioning it.
    And lastly, I don't think they should ever have mandatory work in kindergarten. What did she refuse to do? Color a picture?