Sunday, May 8, 2011

the skinny on mother's day

So, if I'm the blogger, does that make you the bloggee? Let's say it does. Okay?

Forgive me bloggees, for I have sinned. I only worked out 5 days this week and I only had two green smoothies.

Oh, for shame!

I don't know what went wrong with the smoothie thing. There is really no excuse. Many hours in day equals many opportunities to drink the good stuff. I just didn't and I own it.

I could have broken a sweat 6 times this week but not without major sacrifice and irritation. Monday through Friday was no problem. Sweated (is that a word?) my brains out. Friday night and Saturday I was in a conference. Saturday night I had a dinner party. And I simply won't consider breaking a sweat on the Sabbath. Especially a mother's day kind of sabbath. I could have squeezed a sweat in between conference and dinner party but that would have meant my food didn't get made and a shower.

This is not realistic and remember when I said I was normal now? Well, I do not believe for a minute that any normal person would have done that. I didn't want to seem like a zealot, after all.

On day one I totally forgot and ate a bowl of fruit in front of a movie after 7:30 pm. Woops. Remembering all the rules was hard that first couple of days.

I have, however, been super cranky this week. I couldn't figure out why on earth I was feeling so short tempered and nasty. I don't have PMS and in it's absence I have been down right confused. I was the kind of cranky that I am when I'm dieting and starved. I always chalked it up to being hungry but I'm not following any diet, nor am I even hungry. So why the cranky??

I have to wonder if it isn't my inner three year old pitching a fit at my inner adult telling me what do. She is stomping her feet with her fists on her waist demanding to be allowed to do whatever she wants and the adult is saying "No! Follow the rules."


"Because I said so! That's why!"

Bloody adults.

If this is even remotely true then I am in for a long hard life. I guess week two will tell.

I did make it through mother's day without any sweet treats and it was only a teensy bit hard. I don't actually want or crave the sweet treats but it would have been nice to eat what everyone else was eating. Since it did look so yummy and all.

My knee hurts and I am a tad concerned about it. I'm hoping it's just muscle pain and will go away. I didn't run as much this week due to it. It feel better today, having had 2 days off.

Monday treadmill, 60 min 4.11 miles
Tuesday elliptical, 35 min 7.89 miles
Wednesday treadmill, 45 min 3.07 miles
Thursday elliptical, 45 min 8.89 miles
Friday elliptical, 60 minutes 12.59 miles

Here's to a happier, sweatier week, where not eating after 7 is fun and not super annoying.

What are the odds?


  1. Well, all I can say is that you've got a great start (especially in comparison to where I'm at). I'm too busy growing a human to do any of it, even though I know it'd be best for both of us if I did.

  2. You're doing much better than I am with sweets. Good for you keeping with your goals! I am finally back on track with eating, I think. No, I am back on track. It is hard to do this eating right thing day in and day out for years on end. I know it is worth it but it sure is hard! Have a great week!!!