Sunday, May 15, 2011

the skinny on a bad week

Monday was day one of what turned out to be a very emotionally traumatic week for me. I simply do not want to talk about it.

30 min on the treadmill at an incline of 6 for 1.81 miles and the elliptical for 20 minutes for 4.25 miles.

Tuesday brought the first showing in 2 months and since my truck was broken (see previous post) I was homebound which worked out fine since I had to clean my house anyway.

Elliptical for 30 minutes, 6.44 miles and then the treadmill for 15 minutes at a 7 incline for .74 miles and then cleaning the whole house which always makes me sweat topped off with a 60 minute walk with the kids while the showing was being had at Willacy. Stupid Willacy.

Wednesday brought me a truck that worked which was fortuitous since I had such a busy driving around kind of day. I can't remember what I did but I know it was busy and I slipped a workout in at 8:30 after cubs and if you know me then you know how I feel about cubs. And it isn't a 'let's-go-home-and-workout' kind of feeling.

Elliptical for 20 minutes, 4.40 miles at level 7 (which is really hard by the way).

Thursday I had to go to the school 4 times. This was a bloody nuisance to me and my day quickly became unbearable after the thing happened to me that I do not want to talk about. Then my kid got sick and announced he wanted to puke as we were getting in the car to go to Martial Arts. We didn't go and I was spent.

I did not work out on Thursday out of sheer rebellion. And a time crunch. Sort of.

Friday was Friday. I always like Friday but only until the thing happened to me AGAIN that I do not want to talk about. But before it happened I worked out.

Elliptical for 50 minutes, 10.46 miles. Then I wallowed in front of the tv with a Subway after the thing which shall not be named happened. tisk tisk. I was so upset I worked out again. Power walk on treadmill at incline 7 and 8 for 35 minutes. 1.86 miles.

Saturday I went to a 80's themed breakfast with my 13 year old who ignored me the whole time. I was in a room with 200 women and girls I did not know and we had to answer painful trivia about the 80's for way too long. Did I mention it was painful? Well, it was.

When I got home I moved a mountain of rocks with a shovel and a rake all over my back yard. I pushed, pulled, shoveled, raked and cursed that rock pile until I had sweat dripping from my nose. Today I hurt like nobody's business and the man said I could count that as a workout. So I did.

Today I hid from the world.

I broke some rules this week but seriously it involved things like eating a banana after 7 and once I even did it in front of the tv. But what I really wanted to do was drown in buckets of ice cream and bathe in chocolate and sleep on pillows of Crave cupcakes.

So I figure a banana after curfew is not such a bad thing.

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  1. I was doing really good with not having very much sugar (baby steps...) this past week and then I ate a mountain of cookies and I have had a sugar hangover all afternoon/evening. Don't cave on the sugar. Eat a banana whenever you want. It's not even really food.