Tuesday, May 17, 2011

fnl addict

I am completely and totally hooked on Friday Night Lights. My friend gave me 5 seasons on boxset to watch while I workout. I am so hooked I'm ploughing through a couple of episodes (or 6) a day. And only 2 of those have any sort of exercise attached to them. Unless you count sitting in 'my' corner of the sectional sucking on a Diet Pepsi as exercise. And I don't see why it shouldn't count.

Yes, I do see why it shouldn't count.

Anyway, it's all I want to do. Sit and watch Tim's mouth move. His voice. Oh, his voice. And listen to coach yell with love at his team. And watch poor Saracen carry the burden of the universe on his shoulders. And Tyra.... oh Tyra, you have so much potential. Do not let the world bring you down.

I am sad and pathetic. I already know this so there is no need to tell me. Y'all.

I think with a Texan accent now. And sometimes I speak with one. And to tell the truth, I love it. I always thought I'd be a good Texan actually. I already have the big hair and I love makeup and long fake glamour nails. I don't have them because I live in Calgary, which is not Texas except maybe for 2 weeks in July when I pretend like it is during the Stampede. In high school my best friend Anne-Lise and I made a pact we were going to marry cowboys and live in Texas on a ranch. The man would have been an awesome cowboy. He's a total stud.

I would've been a great Texan.

I want her hair. It is geee-or-geous. And it proves that you can have long hair when you are 'older' and still be smokin' hot. She's got to be my age. Or close to it. It's so practical and it seems like it would only take a minute or two to do every morning. Especially with my unruly mane. Sarcasm.

I just googled it. She was born in 67 and I was born in 73 so you do the math. She is OLD and that solidifies it for me. I am growing my hair all the way down my back. I, too, will be smokin'.

And I'm moving to Texas so my fake accent isn't so weird.

It is done.


  1. I'm baffled by your comment of it proves that you can have long hair when you're "older"..... What? You mean there's people out there that think you can't??
    I always admired Jessica Tandy. Remember her?? Now, she was OLD and she had long hair, and I loved it!! In my head, I think I'll be like her and always have my long hair.... though, maybe one day I'll learn to cut it a little more frequently. It's been 2 years since I've cut my hair, not even a trim. But, I will trim it today when I go to see Lisa Woodruff.
    Hmmmmm..... I might just have to check out this series that your watching though. It sounds like it's good. Especially if you're watching so many episodes in one day.

  2. The worst part for me and FNL is that I refused to watch it and so I missed a few of the beginning seasons... I need to go back.

    Mmmm.... Timmmmm

  3. You and your diet pepsi. ;)

  4. Aaack! Do not tell me of any more shows...I'm trying to suffer through "Lost" (I hate it and love it. I can't believe people actually spent six years watching it...three months is bad enough) with my husband, and Gilmore Girls with myself. I hate that I think I have to watch a whole disc in one day. That makes three hours of the Girls and another hour and a half with my husband. No wonder my house is such a mess! Luckily I'm almost done with both shows, all the seasons. Then I plan to swear off season shows at least until my house has recovered!

  5. I could watch Tim Riggins do ANYTHING. I've been searching our house high and low for (unwatched) season 3 that I know I have.... and it's nowhere.

  6. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    Oh how sad I am that you think 44 is old. Now does that mean I should cut my hair because I am a wee bit older? I haven't had a cut in 2 years due to the skill level in Canete. Dallas and Calgary are twin cities, so Calgary can be a cowboy town like Dallas, anytime. Talk Texan...it's all good.

  7. I had a hairdresser tell me once that I could keep my hair long for just a little while longer because 'older women' can't rock the long hair. It is a running joke around here. I am not old at 37 and Ms. Tami Taylor is NOT old at 44. I will have my hair long if that's what I want. Although, I think the world would agree with me that getting it cut once every two years might not be what I would consider 'rocking' the long hair look. It's all about the cut ladies. It's all about the cut. There's long hair and then there's just TOO much hair.

    Catch my drift?