Friday, April 8, 2011


For whatever reason I am so glad it's Friday. This week flew by. I can't explain it. It was one of those weeks where I emotionally fought every single thing I needed to do but did them anyway and now it's Friday and I feel like I might sit and breathe for a minute.


-I had a few fun emails this week from some lovely people who might, a wee bit, miss me from facebook.

-I got to hear some gossip about a facebook debate that normally I have may partaken in but because of my absence I missed it.

-my sister and I needed to talk to our parents yesterday and couldn't get a hold of them for 4 whole hours and we pretty much had their funerals planned when mum finally called and said they had "been out." and "aren't we allowed to go out?". I guess so, mum, but seriously, not for 4 hours! Geesh.

-I watched 127 hours while I worked out. If you haven't seen it, watch it, its fantastic. That scene where he finally got his arm free? Wowza....awesome. And that James Franco..... mm mm mm.

-I ate too much sugar free chocolate and sugar free chocolate cake this week. That'll need to stop before I kill myself working it off on the treadmill. Man, I'm tired.

-I'm getting my haircut today for the first time in 7 months.

-tomorrow I get to see real life actual grown ups. I hope they have some interesting things to say to me. Like really interesting because who knows how long it will be before I see real life big people again.

-we haven't had a showing in a month. My house looks like a bomb went off in it and I don't care. I should care more.

-Jack came upstairs this morning telling me how sick he was. Poor poor Jack. I told him he better rest if he's so sick. I tucked him back into bed and said, ever so casually, that if he was so sick then he surely wouldn't mind spending the day in bed healing his body through sleep and rest. 10 minutes later we was dressed and making himself 4 pieces of toast. It was nothing short of a miracle.

-the man told me he was going to make the new front door tomorrow. Only after I threatened to call the door store and order one. Again, another miracle.

-I had a tiny bit of sugar yesterday and didn't sleep well last night. Like barely at all. Is it a coincidence? It's really hard for me to believe that that tiny amount of sugar would have kept me up. Maybe it was more than I thought. Is a tub of icing too much sugar?

-Just kidding. I did not eat a tub of icing. Only a spoonful. And, it was gross.

-maybe I'll go to a movie tonight. A cheap movie. Or maybe I'll rent one and snuggle with the man on the couch. The options are endless.

-I guess I'll go workout now. I have nothing else to say. (sideways frowny face. That's for you Angi)

Thank goodness it isn't Thursday anymore (tgiita)


  1. I love the spontaneous sick recovery. I will have to use that trick in a few years.

    I'm waiting to see 127 (and read it). I'm about 12 millionth in line at the library. I should see it by the time I'm 55 at this rate.

  2. If you ever move north again remind me to tell you about a super duper boot camp I've been going to. They focus on strength training as opposed to cardio. I've noticed big improvements.

  3. I miss you on Facebook. I didn't realize you had deleted your whole account. I tried to search for you so I could at least follow your blog, but you weren't there! Fortunately, your blog was the first hit on my Google search for Dabels. You should be proud of your Google ranking!