Thursday, April 7, 2011

say cheese

So last week I took the kids to the zoo. They waited all week for it. It was what they wanted to do the most. Above the mall and even above swimming, they wanted the zoo. So thursday was zoo day. As soon as we crossed the threshold their moods changed and as it turned out the only things that wanted to pose for pictures were...........

the animals...........

....and maybe Jack, on occasion.

And Amelia, as long as she's here.

Ahhhh, Spring Break = Good Times. Every year never fails to surpass the year before.


  1. I miss the zoo!!!

    p.s. - you've got some good looking kids!

  2. This sounds like a much better adventure than your cul-de-sac one.

  3. For your sad lonely month, I have removed my word verification. But I am yet to find this adding email that you speak of. Guess I will keep looking...

  4. Cute photos!