Monday, April 4, 2011

the skinny on exile island

The skinny last week was B.A.D. 2 runs. 8 miles.

Sorry, that's it. That's all I got. Let's see.....what can I blame it on. Oh, I know. Spring Break and my period. Kids and cramps.

Good enough for me.

I am still sugar free, except for one little ice cream cone. Wow, it was good. I'll get to the meat.

I miss facebook. I feel as though I have imposed a self inflicted banishment to facebook exile island.

Hello??? Is anyone out there??? Hello???

It has become very apparent to me that I may not have any friends. I wonder how long it would be before someone called me up to see how I'm doing. Or ask me out. Who am I kidding, that never happened before. But, it felt like it could, at any moment, with all that faux friendshipping going on. Even my own mother said she would have to call me now since she can't send me a message.

Catherine Siakaluk Dabels is very sad and lonely.

The only adult I've spoken to over the last three days was the man. And the kid behind the counter at the movie, whom I pretended was a grown up because I have a good imagination. He gave me popcorn. I said thank you.

On Friday night the man took me to Montana's because he wanted meat. I wanted it to. I was so excited about it all day. My mouth drooled on occasion. We got there, he ordered ribs and chicken.

I chickened out. I ordered the veggie burger.

Catherine Siakaluk Dabels did not eat meat on Friday.


  1. Maybe you could start a myspace page. I had one once. It was scandalous and awesome. I bet you would make new friends. They would be 17 and drunk all the time, but it might help with the facebook withdrawal.

  2. I am shocked that you did not have a BIG juicy steak on Friday! You really should have treated your self for a month of VEG well done.

    I will also miss you on FB... I kind of know what you feel like being all alone (in a different kind of way). We ran our butts off for 6 months of hockey and now it is all over and I find myself a bit at a loss... Please do not think for a second that I am missing the chaos of the hockey season, I am just missing the interaction part of this crazy sport that sucks up all of my time and energy. Sigh... anyways... I am sure I will find something to fill my time with soon enough.

    Have a happy FB free month.

  3. Not sure if you realized, but you are like really gone on Facebook... like you can't cheat at all. No messages, no email notifications, no invites? Hardcore. Seriously hardcore.

    Since you have been gone, these are the things I have realized. I am not quite so paranoid about making typing errors. I feel the need to throw out a few :) and :( and ;) and that you are a little bit crazy. :)

    Peace out. Keep up the blog, amigo

  4. Well you aren't a fb peeps of mine so i hadn't noticed. Live here where i follow you--- i like hearing what you have to say.

  5. I'm with Megan - be all scandalous and get a myspace page haha. No really, you can come back to facebook; it doesn't mean you are a failure. BUT, it would mean admitting defeat for you wouldn't it and I bet you just can't do that. But seriously, my facebook is so boring without your constant status updates.

    You can call me anytime you want to chat. I typically sit around nursing the baby. It gets a little boring! Today I watched pologymists carve pumpkins. Maybe you should take up watching crappy tv like Sister Wives?

    Okay, I'm rambling. I had one beer tonight and now I'm all retarded. So, on that note, I'm ending this post!

  6. You are a lot braver than I am. I guess I could go facebook free if I really had to, but I really don't want to. Good for you!

  7. If you haven't read these books yet, I highly recommend them: #1 The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, and #2 The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier. They will make you feel good that you chose the veggie burger. Cheers!

  8. Nobody calls me to go out either, and I am still on Facebook. I must not be working this Facebook thing is the only way I 'see' most of my friends.

    I will count down until May 1st and you come back.

  9. dude, you don't need facebook. i am ON facebook and i still have no adult interaction. plus facebook sucks the life out of you. you have plenty of friends and a bigger social life then i will ever have.
    you rule, keep up the clean living!