Saturday, April 30, 2011

the skinny and the facebook

I caved. I went back to facebook a day early. Picture it. Saturday morning, lying in bed, alone. The man is off to work. Again. What am I going to do today with all these kids, I thought to myself.

Then it came to me! I will go back to facebook a day early and kill the whole day catching up and the kids can....... the kids can..... the kids can........

I still have to figure that one out I guess.

This is what I learned from a facebook free month:

Nothing. I learned nothing. Okay, that's not true. I did that learn that when I'm not on facebook I'm not scrubbing toilets or baseboards. I'm not renovating every free minute. I'm not dreaming up amazing lists that involve shopping for groceries that will make meals that are are loved by everyone. I learned that I am no better or no worse because of facebook. What a relief.

I learned that I read more. I read 6 novels this month.

All the important things still got done. They got done last month too, only this month they got done with more time to do them. Who needs more time to unload the dishwasher or make the bed? Those chores stink when you have 3 minutes to do them. They stink even more when you have 5 minutes to do them.

I learned what I wanted to know. And that is, I am a good stay at home mom whether I'm on facebook or not so I'm back on baby!

A day early.

Now the skinny.

April 25 60 min, treadmill walk/run. 4.31 miles
April 28 50 min, treadmill, walk/run, 3.35 miles
April 29 50 min elliptical, 10 miles
April 30 61.44 min treadmill 4.25 miles

Tomorrow I will reveal May's goal. It's a doozey. So grab a pepsi and settle in.

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  1. 6 novels eh? I have 6 sitting here waiting to be read....

    First day back on FB and you now have a Group?? LOL

    Can't wait to see what May's goal is!