Monday, April 18, 2011

love day

Friday I declared a love day. You know, like a snow day only with love. Oh, there was snow too, don't you worry. I declared it from my bed as the man was getting his work clothes on.

Me: "I'm calling a love day."

Him: "Oh really? What does that mean?"

Me: "It means you have to stay home and love me all day. You have to cook and clean and drive the kids around and just plain dote on me."

Him: "That sounds a lot like me loving you. How are you going to love me?"

Me: "I'm not today. I'll love you another day."

He kissed me and went to work.

Saturday morning as he was getting his clothes on for work I did it again.

Me: "I declare a love day."

Him: "Done."

Wow, that was easy, I thought. I wonder how he will love me today.

Well, he loved me by watching Bear Grylls with the boys while I cleaned the kitchen. As much as I love Bear Grylls I can't seem to spot the love for me. And then he played his weird zombie game on the computer for a good chunk of time. Again, where is the love?

When I told him he sucked at love day he came to my side and things turned around, sort of.

He did come out with me to get some groceries later in the day. Him loving me. I bought him a new book to read. Me loving him. He took one for the team by tolerating a West 49 experience with the world's pickiest 11 year old while I wandered Anthropologie. Him loving me. Five Guys for dinner. Me loving him. And then me loving meat. I contemplate giving up meat forever every now and then and then something like Five Guys happens and all bets are off. That place...... is.......sooooo good.

Sunday though, he must have felt inspired because he was the loviest of lovey men there ever was in the history of a woman being loved.

I love him.

What day is today?

Laundry day.

I do declare it so!


Don't forget to throw your name in the hat over here for a chance at winning some love. Three more ni'nights.


  1. hehehe. That sounds a lot like my attempts.

  2. I love it!!! Today is laundry day here too, but it's always laundry day it seems!!!