Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happy bloggy birthday

Happy birthday to me! Or my blog, I guess.

Today is quick and easy. If you want one of the gifts I happen to have kicking around ready for the taking then you have to play by the rules, which are simple:

1. You have to become a follower of my blog. To do that, come over here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> and follow me. I want to see your pretty picture or at least your pretty silhouette. Unless you already are a follower. In that case you are well on your way. Why do I have to do this? You may be asking. Because it makes me feel good and today is my bloggy birthday so why wouldn't you want me to feel good? Consider it a gift. To me. On my bloggy birthday.

2. You have to leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me why you are so deserving of one of these gifts. Please leave your email address so I can contact you!

3. If you pass on the love of this giveaway you can leave another comment telling me what you did and that counts as another entry.

4. Coke or Pepsi?

Be careful, your answers will be judged by a panel of professionals. You may want to study up before you commit to anything permanent. Just kidding. The winners will be picked totally randomly. It'll most likely involve Amelia picking a number between 1 and a million. I expect at least that many comments.

I will leave this open for one week. So do me a favor and pass on the love. Since I'm off facebook I can't warn people of the awesomeness.

Facebook free month....what an idiot.

The gifts are small tokens of my appreciation to those of you who read me regularly, including those of you who don't comment! Ever. If you win something but live somewhere where that gift is useless then have no fear, I'll work it out.

These gifts represent three of my favourite things. They are:

A brand new coveted 2nd edition print of Our Best Bites Cookbook. Don't be confused. I do not love to cook but since I am the mama I have no choice. People need to eat. We love the Our Best Bites website around here and since I can't give you a website I'll send you a really great cookbook.

Next up, I have a movie night out pass. It can be for Cineplex OR Empire theatres. Just let me know which you'd prefer if you win it. It is an admission for 2 with two drinks and a popcorn. I LOVE to go to the movies so if you win this and then you go to the movies for free you can think fondly of me the entire time. You'd do that right?

And last, but not in any way the very least, my favourite thing, which goes without saying, is a $50 gift card to Chapters.

Good luck and may the best commenter win!

Now, if you wouldn't mind, would someone pleeeeeeeeeease make me this cake?

I reeeeeeeeeally love cake. Keep in mind, it needs to be sugar free. I would like to sleep again sometime soon.

Yours truly,


  1. wowzers you are generous! :) I still have your prize sitting at my house (I am HORRIBLE at mailing things! HA!) It's in the outgoing mail pile.,... hahahahaha


    I have to start by saying that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I try to read it every day during my lunch break at work. Days that there is no blog I am so sad that everyone in my office can hear me SIGH…….. I do not say this to make you feel badly that you do not blog daily… but it is to tell you how much I really enjoy your blogging. It makes me feel as if we are not separated by 300 KM’s of hi-way. I come home regularly and tell my DH the funny things that you say on your blog… I love your a skewed humor and outlook on life.

    Enough flattery! Back to the contest and questions at hand….
    1. I am a follower (as I have already stated) I think that this should qualify me for 2 entries!
    2. Leave a comment (done).
    3. Pass on the love – As I said I pass on the love of your blog regularly, Hannah told me just at supper the other day that she loved the blog about you making all of Jack’s (your Jack) favorite dishes when he was not allowed to have them. It reminded her of fond moments of our own dinner time (for lack of a better word) punishments.
    4. Coke – Coke Zero to be very specific… and I do wonder about this question that you pose as I remember (quite vividly I might add) as to the copious amounts of Diet Coke that you would drink in a day… now I also know that you have jumped off of that ship and have landed on the good ship “Diet Pepsi” which is all fine… but I wonder about the fairness of this question as it seems that if you add up all of the Love years you had for Diet Coke and compare it to the Love years you know have for Diet Pepsi… I would wonder which would one would out weigh.?. I am betting on DC.

    So here I am, declared my love for your blog, I think that I am most deserving of one of your fine gifts! I would like to say that I am particularly interested in the movie passes to Cineplex…. I think that this is very kind of me as it will save you the cost of shipping me the cook book. Oh and I forgot to mention the CAKE! I would be happy to make you a cake… I do not like to pretty pink one that you have pictured here, but would happily make a 4 layered Chocolate Irish Cream (non alch) cake, or my ever popular Tiramisu but you would have to come here to visit to get it. We could eat cake, go to a movie or 3 and stuff our ever bulging bellies with popcorn and diet Coke (I say diet Coke as I know that the theatre does not have diet Pepsi!).

    Again have a Happy, Happy Bloggy birthday Cath!


  3. Okay... I'm already a follower, and as I write this comment I am the only person that has a picture of a hot-pool from Yellowstone as my profile picture. That should be a good enough reason to win, right?

    As for Coke or Pepsi I chose neither. I'm a rootbeer girl!

    I've got my eye on the Best Bites cookbook (fingers crossed). It looks like a fun read.

  4. I just made your blog's birthday give-a-way viral... it's posted on FB.

    Happy birthday to you!

  5. Happy freaking fantastic birthday! Or should I say, happy day to me because I totally FEEL like I WILL win something.

    I am quite deserving because I am at home all day with my loud boys and I have some sort of tumor that insists on getting bigger every week.
    AND, I don't ever get to eat delicious gluten ever again. Not sure where that fits, but I use it when I can.
    AND, I am pretty much your best follower from Cochrane.

    The debate on Coke Vs. Pepsi? Nothing, absolutely nothing beats ice cold coca-cola in a can. Fountain with ice? Pepsi wins it. Although Dr. Pepper is the drink for me. Why can't they just make caffeine free here is Canada? Come on now. For the tumor.

  6. Also, gave your blog some love on Facebook!

  7. I would argue with Angi that 'I' and in fact your best Cochrane follower. But since I live just north, she can lay claim to te town, an I will claim EVERYTHING north of Cochrane. And if you go far enough, that eventually includes everything south too.
    I am a follower...I LoVE your blog...I don't like coke or pepsi (hopefully that doesn't disqualify me)...and I posted on Facebook AND my own blog, so the 3 people that read that will enjoy as well.
    Miss you on Facebook a lot, bit miss you in person the most (how's that?)
    I need to send you an email about our trip.
    Bloggy Birthdays are awesome!!

  8. So I'm already a follower! I love reading your blog and you are missed on Facebook. I wish it was May 1st so you would be back already! I feel like I deserve one of these gifts because I live so far away! Coke all the way. To be specific diet coke! Fountain big gulps with ice. So yummy!
    How many days until May?

  9. Ooh I am a follower, found you through Heather!

  10. I just posted your post on my facebook. I figure that my facebook friends could be your blog friends. I guess we will see. I vote coke, but I would have to put a bunch of grenadine in it.

  11. I think I deserve your lovely loot, because dang it, the universe owes me one! Big time.

  12. Pepsi, all the way, none of this Coke nonsense.

  13. GRRRRRR.... I wrote out a huge long comment and when I went to post it, it came up with a message saying they couldn't and then my message was gone. Boo.

    Well, Happy Blog Birthday Catherine!
    I love reading your blog, especially now that I get notifications in my blogger dashboard.... speaking of which, I was so excited to see a new post yesterday about some cool signature thing and when I went to view it there wasn't one. How utterly disappointing.

    Anyways, your requirements.... yes, I'm a follower. Yes, I'm leaving a comment. Coke or Pepsi? How about neither. I've had both and if I wanted something to drink, neither would be something I would reach for. I don't care for the taste of Coke or Pepsi. How about a nice, fattening milkshake??
    So, come on, pick me for one of your prizes (which are very generous may I add). I could really use any of them! Colon bracket - sideways smiley face just for you.

    And as for cake.... I'd make you a cake, but it would be loaded FULL OF SUGAR. I guess you wouldn't want it then. Huh?

  14. Happy Bloggy Birthday!! Okay, I'm assuming we can answer each question as a separate entry?

    So...#1. Already a follower!

  15. #2. I am deserving of one of these gifts because I'm a GOOD person who REALLY likes gifts and NEVER wins anything!

  16. #3. I will do tomorrow since it's my Friday Night Leftovers day and that's the day I get the most traffic so will mean the most new followers and entries for you (hopefully).

    #4. Not really a pop drinker but I LOVE a regular Coke. If it's diet, I prefer Diet Pepsi.

  17. I read your blog all the time Catherine and love it!! Way to be off facebook! I think I'd last a day at the most and maybe not even that.

    As for your question - I always choose Coke, but frankly, I'm not sure if I could tell the difference in a taste test. Maybe we should do that at the next book club meeting to determine which people really like better.

    Anyways, Happy Bloggity Blogging Birthday. Don't pick me for the cookbook, I have one, but I'd love the Chapters Gift Card. Pick #16 Amelia!! #16!!! (at least that's what I counted.

  18. Happy, Happy Blog Birthday!!! Your gifts are very generous. I enjoy reading everything that you write!

  19. Oh, I forgot to say that I have never drank Pepsi or Coke so neither. my email is becky (at)jonesbackyard(dot)net

  20. Oh Catherine,

    I love you and I love your blog. 'Nuff said.

  21. 1.I have always followed you, now I am a follower:) lol...
    2.I find you extremly funny, and I absolutely love the things you write, you make my day when I read your blog:) have my email address, Im sure :)
    3. Happy Bloggy birthday
    4.DIET PEPSI !!!!!

  22. I blogged about it!

  23. New follower, sent from Natasha! :)

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  24. I'd be thrilled to win the Chapters card. I LOVE reading and love to own books (a strange addiction I have) but its not really a cheap hobby, so a gift card would be like gold to me!

  25. Absolutely, without a doubt, Pepsi.
    My husband is a Coke drinker so we often have both in our house.

  26. Linked to your blog from mine!

  27. !!Happy Birthday!!
    We are newbies from Natasha and very happy to be here.
    We are a couple of Grand parents who love to see and read about our kids and grandkids. As we expand our horizons in blogging we are becoming less couch potatoes.
    Thank you for this blog and look forward to reading it daily.

    Coke is definently the drink of choice, having consumed it for many years. I can tell the difference with my eyes closed.

  28. Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    I only drink coke in extreme emergencies otherwise I am not a soda drinker.

    Am I deserving of the gifts? Sure am (but really? who isn't)
    Will I think of you when I use them? Sure will
    Will I read this blog regardless of giveaways? Definitely!

    Have a great day!


  29. Okay....So I just learnt how to make a fondant cake last month, So I actually could attempt to make you and your Blog a beautiful Birthday cake! I haven't quite figured out the sugar-free yet though......
    Coke Or Pepsi...You know the answer!
    I have subscribed to your blog awhile ago....But now I am a follower! You are the first person I have done! YAHOO!
    I guess I really need some Dabel LOVE way over here in CRAZY Ontario!

  30. I think you're a punk. Blog something new, or get back on facebook. I'm so bored.

  31. Happy Bloggy Birthday... your blog has almost inspired me to start my own blog! But I would have to quit something else to fit it in soooo right now is not the time.
    Diet Coke was my old fave but now I drink my hubby's dr pepper and tell everyone I am not really a pop drinker because I never actually get my own pop. I say tricky, the hubs says on the inside of his head that I should get my own drink and that I am not tricky at all!
    Thanks for all the smiles from your blogging, however I do miss the random rants about Costco shopping trips and children in your status updates

  32. I can read I promise....


  33. I didn't know how to find your blog when you weren't on facebook. I found out that google works - even to find a friend's blog. Just so you know I never 'follow' a blog even though I read a lot of them. I guess you will be the first because you are bribing me. Happy blog birthday.

    I don't drink coke or pepsi. If I'm going to drink pop I would choose gingerale. I do try to drink only water. I also sleep like a log 95% of the time - just sayin'.

  34. I'm a new follower. You can thank Tasha for the referral :)

    I definitely deserve a prize because we are in desperate need of both food and a night out at the movies. Books aren't so much a need as a want!

    Coke. I try not to drink it, but the occasional one tastes SO GOOD.

  35. Catherine - you are amazing. I would have never thought to have such an awesome giveaway. I have always been a faithful follower of your blog, and now it is truly official and you can see my pretty face on your followers list! Sorry - not a coke or a pepsi fan -- hope this doesn't ruin my chances. I miss seeing you on facebook!

  36. #1 - Already a follower!!!

  37. Why I deserve to win:
    1) I was like one of your first followers!
    2) I was the best support worker you've ever had
    3) My baby doesn't sleep through the night
    (is that enough reasons?) - Seriously, I WANT TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Coke or Pepsi? neither, I don't like the fizz in pop, it burns my tongue (yep, for real)

  39. I linked to you on my bloggy blog!
    Oh, and happy blogiversary - I can't believe I've been reading about your crazy life for a whole year already!

  40. I didn't even see this until CanadianMama posted it- not sure how i missed it in my reader! Sorry chiquita!

    1/ already a follower

  41. And my comment:

    Yes, a facebook free month is just ridiculous. I bet you feel sooo alone!

  42. And i like Coke. Pepsi just doesn't cut it!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!!!

    *ps- sorry Canadian Mama- i just couldn't come over here and NOT comment.

  43. I am deserving of one of these prizes because I just finished my teaching practicum in a grade one classroom while having four year old twins at home. My family has been so understanding and supportive that I would LOVE to take my husband out to the movies or take my girls to Chapters for some treats.

  44. I don't drink pepsi or coke, except for the odd rum & coke, so I'll have to go with coke.