Monday, April 25, 2011

the forgotten skinny

I just realized that I forgot my skinny from last week. I guess I'll add it to this week since I know you are all on the edge of your seats to see how much I worked out last week. And this week. It's awesome.... I know.

I've decided not to post mileage anymore. My desire for big numbers is pulling me away from my goal, which is to run. You can go really far on the elliptical and not so much on the treadmill even though they both make you drip sweat from your noses to your toeses.

Sweat actually does drip from my nose. And, I actually love that.

I think I'll just focus on the fact that I am working out and not worry so much about how far I've gone since when all is said and done I am still standing in my basement at the end of every workout.

April 11 treadmill, 63 min, 4.25 miles
April 12 elliptical, 60 min, 12.56 miles.... see what I mean??
April 15 elliptical, 60 min, 11.44 miles

April 18 elliptical, 35 min 7.81 miles
April 19 treadmill, 62 min, 4.25 miles
April 21 treadmill, 64 min, 4.25 miles
April 22 elliptical, 32 min, 6.30 miles

I really want to be working out 5 times a week but it hasn't been so lately. This week I feel a cardio party coming on. Except, I can feel procrastination kicking in already today.

Must. Go. Workout.

Also, 6 nights until the highly anticipated facebook return!


  1. I can't wait! I wonder what your first status will has to be good, because there is a lot riding on it. A comeback is not something to be taken lightly...and if it fizzles, you could ruin facebook for yourself forever. No pressure.
    Side note: I'm thinking about exercise equipment and can't do an elliptical AND treadmill right now, so which one would you recommend to get first?

  2. Grr...that last totally awesome comment was from me, but I'm using a different computer and didn't notice I wasn't logged in as myself.
    But I will let you hang on to it, so you can have an extra follower for a moment.