Saturday, April 30, 2011

the skinny and the facebook

I caved. I went back to facebook a day early. Picture it. Saturday morning, lying in bed, alone. The man is off to work. Again. What am I going to do today with all these kids, I thought to myself.

Then it came to me! I will go back to facebook a day early and kill the whole day catching up and the kids can....... the kids can..... the kids can........

I still have to figure that one out I guess.

This is what I learned from a facebook free month:

Nothing. I learned nothing. Okay, that's not true. I did that learn that when I'm not on facebook I'm not scrubbing toilets or baseboards. I'm not renovating every free minute. I'm not dreaming up amazing lists that involve shopping for groceries that will make meals that are are loved by everyone. I learned that I am no better or no worse because of facebook. What a relief.

I learned that I read more. I read 6 novels this month.

All the important things still got done. They got done last month too, only this month they got done with more time to do them. Who needs more time to unload the dishwasher or make the bed? Those chores stink when you have 3 minutes to do them. They stink even more when you have 5 minutes to do them.

I learned what I wanted to know. And that is, I am a good stay at home mom whether I'm on facebook or not so I'm back on baby!

A day early.

Now the skinny.

April 25 60 min, treadmill walk/run. 4.31 miles
April 28 50 min, treadmill, walk/run, 3.35 miles
April 29 50 min elliptical, 10 miles
April 30 61.44 min treadmill 4.25 miles

Tomorrow I will reveal May's goal. It's a doozey. So grab a pepsi and settle in.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I learned a new word this week while reading one of the worst books I've ever willingly subjected myself to. Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood. What is wrong with that woman? She is so weird she is starting to really irritate me. Maybe she should retire.

I hope she doesn't read my blog.

Did you know that the word lugubrious means looking or sounding sad and dismal? Why would anyone use such a big word to describe sad? And the word dismal means depressing and dreary, which I already knew. So as I type this the world around me is dismal. But can it be lugubrious as well? Can the weather be that? Or just a person? How about a donkey?

Was Eyeore lugubrious? Or was he just depressed? Or dismal? I'm so confused.

My kids are home today and they've already been yelled at. It's 10:30 am. They are looking lugubrious. Was that redundant? Can you look lugubrious? Or does being lugubrious already imply the look part? Again, confused.

The phone rang and we couldn't find it. When I asked "where is the phone? And why am I the only one looking for it?" One of the lovelies responded with "we thought it was a rhetorical question."

How do they know what rhetorical means?

I recorded the Royal Wedding. I am slightly fascinated by this stuff. It has a whole train wreck quality that I, being a stay at home mom, am deeply attracted to. I would love to sit with sweet pretty Kate/Catherine or whatever her name is and ask her some questions. The first and most important being "Why on earth would you do this to yourself?" And "You remember Princess Di, right?"

As much of a gong show I think the royal family is, I just can't look away.

I realize that being married is an important facade that royalty deems appropriate for all their future throne-ies but why is it so hard for them to be married happily? The Queen has been married for eons but she's like the only one left. The rest of them are miserable at being married and they have nasty mean divorces.

Is there a word that describes being happily married for more than 5 minutes and also being royal?

I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cranky catherine

Last night I got a text at 3:30 in the morning. It was from Telus. They wanted me to know that I could upgrade my phone for free. Clearly, it was important that I have this information so they sent it to me asap which happened to be at 3:30 am.

At 4:30 am when I was still lying in my bed, down right p****d off that I was awake, I decided to text them back knowing perfectly well that no one was going to receive it and if they did no one was going to give a rats @$$. I did it anyway. I am not rational at that hour.

At 5:30 in the morning I decided to get up and watch some House Hunters but before I did I thought I'd give sleep one more shot because, after all, I was TIRED!

I dozed off and dreamt about Angi Gerrie making the yummiest dip that had the perfect amount of spice in it. A dip that was to be eaten with corn tortilla chips. For obvious reasons.

The man got up at 6:30. I don't know why. The birds weren't even pecking. Do you think I have finally beat them at their own game? It probably doesn't make any difference to the house buying world that my house now looks like this.....

In case you are wondering, those are the lids off cans of black beans and chick peas and other sundry canned goods. The lids are covering up holes that have been completely pecked through in the cedar siding. Doesn't everyone want to live in a house that has so obvious a bird pecking problem?

Geez Louise.

I practically live in a can of black beans. How ironic. Or maybe it's not.

After the birds finally figured out that I wasn't about to let them nest in my house they stopped pecking. I thought they were gone but then new birds started the pecking around the side of the house. The man bought a gun. Of the bb variety. It has terrible aim and hit everything we shot at except the flipping birds. So I started covering those holes too. I only had to cover two. All day yesterday and this morning there has been no pecking.

Could it be?

I doubt it, but what baffles me the most is that there are no useful, handy, inexpensive remedies for this particular problem I am having. It is going to cost me $200 to buy what I need to remedy the problem for good. Which I will have to buy off the internet and then wait for it to come. This is not convenient. Not to mention all the boards we have to replace and paint again.

We already did that.

I hate Willacy. Finally, my love for this house has been quashed by my disdain for the problems this house is giving my head and butt and side.

Oh, did I mention that the roof HAS to be repaired in its entirety as well? If the man does it himself it will only cost us $4000.

Sure no problem. Let me write you a check.

I hate Willacy. And now, or at least as of 3:30 this morning, I remembered how much I hate Telus as well.

And I have PMS, which I hate. Telus obviously didn't get the memo. It wasn't so bad this month but today will be interesting since tired and PMS don't really go well together around here. I can't wait to be done with them forever more.

Telus that is. And PMS for that matter.

Monday, April 25, 2011

the forgotten skinny

I just realized that I forgot my skinny from last week. I guess I'll add it to this week since I know you are all on the edge of your seats to see how much I worked out last week. And this week. It's awesome.... I know.

I've decided not to post mileage anymore. My desire for big numbers is pulling me away from my goal, which is to run. You can go really far on the elliptical and not so much on the treadmill even though they both make you drip sweat from your noses to your toeses.

Sweat actually does drip from my nose. And, I actually love that.

I think I'll just focus on the fact that I am working out and not worry so much about how far I've gone since when all is said and done I am still standing in my basement at the end of every workout.

April 11 treadmill, 63 min, 4.25 miles
April 12 elliptical, 60 min, 12.56 miles.... see what I mean??
April 15 elliptical, 60 min, 11.44 miles

April 18 elliptical, 35 min 7.81 miles
April 19 treadmill, 62 min, 4.25 miles
April 21 treadmill, 64 min, 4.25 miles
April 22 elliptical, 32 min, 6.30 miles

I really want to be working out 5 times a week but it hasn't been so lately. This week I feel a cardio party coming on. Except, I can feel procrastination kicking in already today.

Must. Go. Workout.

Also, 6 nights until the highly anticipated facebook return!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

a lesson for the little one

Daddy: "What is the most important thing about Easter?"

Amelia: "The Easter Bunny comes!"

Daddy: "Yes, that's really fun but what is even more important than the Easter Bunny?"

Amelia: "Caaaaanndeeeee."

This is how we began our ever so important traditional Easter Family Home Evening lesson last week. All the other children knew the right answers. There's only one left who still thinks the Easter bunny trumps the resurrection. It's okay though, we took the opportunity and taught her all about how much her Saviour loves her. We told her He loves her so much that He died for her.

But then, we taught her that He lives again and that one day she will live with Him again too.

We taught her that we don't celebrate the death of our Saviour at Easter. We celebrate that He rose up after He was crucified and that He lives again. We celebrate the resurrection. We taught her that this same opportunity will be hers one day.

This is where our joy lies. This is where we find our peace in a scary world. This is what we know.

Easter is such a fun time at our house. Children are happy with treats and spending time together. Parents are happy that there are so many opportunities to teach about Jesus Christ. It's a win-win.

I am grateful for my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the results are in.....

My bloggy birthday was last Thursday but for some reason blogger posted it as Wednesday. I just noticed this right now. Weird, I know. Whatever.

We have drawn names from a hat. Amelia thought that might be the "most funnest" way to do it.

I will admit, when it was over and done with my heart sank a bit. I wanted everyone to win. Although I am thrilled for the winners I am bummed for the rest of you. I should have had some ribbons made up.

"Thanks for coming out!"

Here are the final results:

The movie pass goes to......... Angi Gerrie. Congrats chickie. Let me know if you want Cineplex or Empire. And if Kyle wants to be a pooper about date night I am always available!

The cook book goes to.........Heather Williamson. Congrats. I will get it to you before you skip town.

And finally.........the Chapters gift card goes to......... Sami. Congrats. Email me your mailing address Sami and I'll pop it in the mail for you.

Chin up everyone else. There's always next year.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thinking in first person

Catherine Dabels isn't feeling all that hot and she really really really doesn't want to go to cubs tonight.

If I was on facebook this would be my status right now.

Or maybe it would be:

Catherine Dabels made a hodge podge meal from the freezer and the kids weren't fans.

Or, how about:

Catherine Dabels should have had a shower many many hours ago.


Catherine Dabels would love to curl up in her cozy wozy bed and finish her book so she can finish finishing her other book.

Catherine Dabels wonders how many months it would take to stop thinking in facebook status'.

Tonight's the last night to enter the giveaway for tomorrow we draw names. Last chance.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the light fixture that no one likes, except me.

Once upon a time I was cleaning my kitchen and the doorbell rang. I opened the door to the tiniest, smallest, most angelic soccer superstar I'd ever seen. And I mean tiny. Like 3 foot nothing. She smiled and identified herself as 'Megan, the soccer the player'. She was precious. And small. She asked me a question.

"Do you have any pop cans?"

I stood silent. Not because I didn't know what to say but because I was measuring up her girth and checking out her little birdie arms and their pop can carrying potential. They looked worthy.

"Why, yes I do." I said. You're about to become your team hero, I thought to myself. "Hold on tight chickie," I said, "I hope you're feeling brawn-ish."

Her face lit up when I returned with two enormous blue bags filled to the brim with pop cans. I figured two was enough since each bag was actually taller than she was. Plus, I didn't want to injure the wee child.

"Wow! Thanks", she said grinning ear to ear. "Oh, and by the way, I love your light fixture."

And I love you, I thought adoringly as she waddled off enveloped in a sea of blue.

Anyway, don't forget about my giveaway. Two more sleeps.

Monday, April 18, 2011

love day

Friday I declared a love day. You know, like a snow day only with love. Oh, there was snow too, don't you worry. I declared it from my bed as the man was getting his work clothes on.

Me: "I'm calling a love day."

Him: "Oh really? What does that mean?"

Me: "It means you have to stay home and love me all day. You have to cook and clean and drive the kids around and just plain dote on me."

Him: "That sounds a lot like me loving you. How are you going to love me?"

Me: "I'm not today. I'll love you another day."

He kissed me and went to work.

Saturday morning as he was getting his clothes on for work I did it again.

Me: "I declare a love day."

Him: "Done."

Wow, that was easy, I thought. I wonder how he will love me today.

Well, he loved me by watching Bear Grylls with the boys while I cleaned the kitchen. As much as I love Bear Grylls I can't seem to spot the love for me. And then he played his weird zombie game on the computer for a good chunk of time. Again, where is the love?

When I told him he sucked at love day he came to my side and things turned around, sort of.

He did come out with me to get some groceries later in the day. Him loving me. I bought him a new book to read. Me loving him. He took one for the team by tolerating a West 49 experience with the world's pickiest 11 year old while I wandered Anthropologie. Him loving me. Five Guys for dinner. Me loving him. And then me loving meat. I contemplate giving up meat forever every now and then and then something like Five Guys happens and all bets are off. That place...... is.......sooooo good.

Sunday though, he must have felt inspired because he was the loviest of lovey men there ever was in the history of a woman being loved.

I love him.

What day is today?

Laundry day.

I do declare it so!


Don't forget to throw your name in the hat over here for a chance at winning some love. Three more ni'nights.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happy bloggy birthday

Happy birthday to me! Or my blog, I guess.

Today is quick and easy. If you want one of the gifts I happen to have kicking around ready for the taking then you have to play by the rules, which are simple:

1. You have to become a follower of my blog. To do that, come over here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> and follow me. I want to see your pretty picture or at least your pretty silhouette. Unless you already are a follower. In that case you are well on your way. Why do I have to do this? You may be asking. Because it makes me feel good and today is my bloggy birthday so why wouldn't you want me to feel good? Consider it a gift. To me. On my bloggy birthday.

2. You have to leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me why you are so deserving of one of these gifts. Please leave your email address so I can contact you!

3. If you pass on the love of this giveaway you can leave another comment telling me what you did and that counts as another entry.

4. Coke or Pepsi?

Be careful, your answers will be judged by a panel of professionals. You may want to study up before you commit to anything permanent. Just kidding. The winners will be picked totally randomly. It'll most likely involve Amelia picking a number between 1 and a million. I expect at least that many comments.

I will leave this open for one week. So do me a favor and pass on the love. Since I'm off facebook I can't warn people of the awesomeness.

Facebook free month....what an idiot.

The gifts are small tokens of my appreciation to those of you who read me regularly, including those of you who don't comment! Ever. If you win something but live somewhere where that gift is useless then have no fear, I'll work it out.

These gifts represent three of my favourite things. They are:

A brand new coveted 2nd edition print of Our Best Bites Cookbook. Don't be confused. I do not love to cook but since I am the mama I have no choice. People need to eat. We love the Our Best Bites website around here and since I can't give you a website I'll send you a really great cookbook.

Next up, I have a movie night out pass. It can be for Cineplex OR Empire theatres. Just let me know which you'd prefer if you win it. It is an admission for 2 with two drinks and a popcorn. I LOVE to go to the movies so if you win this and then you go to the movies for free you can think fondly of me the entire time. You'd do that right?

And last, but not in any way the very least, my favourite thing, which goes without saying, is a $50 gift card to Chapters.

Good luck and may the best commenter win!

Now, if you wouldn't mind, would someone pleeeeeeeeeease make me this cake?

I reeeeeeeeeally love cake. Keep in mind, it needs to be sugar free. I would like to sleep again sometime soon.

Yours truly,

here's johnny!

It is 9:13 am and I am drinking Diet Pepsi straight from a 2 litre bottle. I don't usually do that because it makes me feel like a hillbilly but I got 4 hours of sleep last night and I have been up since 3:43 am.

I stopped caring about being a hillbilly many hours ago.

I started to get all dozey and ready to snuggle back in when the knock knock knock began outside my bedroom window. Again.

The birds have stopped caring about the banging I reciprocate on my window with. They just peck away anyway. At least they have the decency to wait until almost 7 am. They have pecked through the rat poison we had kicking around in the garage. They have pecked through the foam we sprayed in to slow them down. They are officially inside the house building their little nest. I wonder if they'll care about the concrete we will be pouring down the hole later today.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to see what they had for bird deterrents. All they had was this guy......

I named him Ollie Owl. But then this sassy princess.......

declared his name to be Johnny. Which reminded me of this.

Johnny is the perfect name.

The man put my new BFF outside my window last night. Before he did though, I gave Johnny a pep talk. I told him that he had a very important job to do and that my sanity was in his hands. I told him to show those birds who's boss. I told him to be the man-owl I knew him to be. I told him to please please please stop those little birds from taking what little mental stability I have left. I begged and pleaded. I put all my faith in his little plastic owl wing-hands.

7 am. Peck peck peck.

I hate you Johnny. You are the worst BFF EVER.

It will not be long before I am declared insane and then who knows what I will be capable of.

I am off to the pet store now. I will find a way.

*******Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my bloggy birthday. I have a couple very small tokens of my appreciation to give away. It isn't much but then neither is my blog.************

Monday, April 11, 2011

the skinny on monday

Just a quick note. I had a great week last week working out. I said before that I was seeing no progress but I don't think that's true anymore. The running is still so slow but I feel stronger doing it and I am starting to see some changes in my legs. My jeans still don't fit but we're working on it.

I did 5 workouts. Only two were runs but I think the elliptical is helping with my stamina and also strengthening my legs. Total miles was 39.18. I think that's pretty good.

I had a rough sleep week though. 5 bad nights where I was up at 5 and slept poorly until then. I have also been eating sugar. Way too much sugar. Today I am eating none, nor will I for a very long time, to see if it helps the sleep thing.

It is so strange to me.

The man told me he was contemplating giving up sugar for a month. Seriously? Seriously???

Well, then I am contemplating a trip away with the children at the exact same time.

What a coincidence.

Friday, April 8, 2011


For whatever reason I am so glad it's Friday. This week flew by. I can't explain it. It was one of those weeks where I emotionally fought every single thing I needed to do but did them anyway and now it's Friday and I feel like I might sit and breathe for a minute.


-I had a few fun emails this week from some lovely people who might, a wee bit, miss me from facebook.

-I got to hear some gossip about a facebook debate that normally I have may partaken in but because of my absence I missed it.

-my sister and I needed to talk to our parents yesterday and couldn't get a hold of them for 4 whole hours and we pretty much had their funerals planned when mum finally called and said they had "been out." and "aren't we allowed to go out?". I guess so, mum, but seriously, not for 4 hours! Geesh.

-I watched 127 hours while I worked out. If you haven't seen it, watch it, its fantastic. That scene where he finally got his arm free? Wowza....awesome. And that James Franco..... mm mm mm.

-I ate too much sugar free chocolate and sugar free chocolate cake this week. That'll need to stop before I kill myself working it off on the treadmill. Man, I'm tired.

-I'm getting my haircut today for the first time in 7 months.

-tomorrow I get to see real life actual grown ups. I hope they have some interesting things to say to me. Like really interesting because who knows how long it will be before I see real life big people again.

-we haven't had a showing in a month. My house looks like a bomb went off in it and I don't care. I should care more.

-Jack came upstairs this morning telling me how sick he was. Poor poor Jack. I told him he better rest if he's so sick. I tucked him back into bed and said, ever so casually, that if he was so sick then he surely wouldn't mind spending the day in bed healing his body through sleep and rest. 10 minutes later we was dressed and making himself 4 pieces of toast. It was nothing short of a miracle.

-the man told me he was going to make the new front door tomorrow. Only after I threatened to call the door store and order one. Again, another miracle.

-I had a tiny bit of sugar yesterday and didn't sleep well last night. Like barely at all. Is it a coincidence? It's really hard for me to believe that that tiny amount of sugar would have kept me up. Maybe it was more than I thought. Is a tub of icing too much sugar?

-Just kidding. I did not eat a tub of icing. Only a spoonful. And, it was gross.

-maybe I'll go to a movie tonight. A cheap movie. Or maybe I'll rent one and snuggle with the man on the couch. The options are endless.

-I guess I'll go workout now. I have nothing else to say. (sideways frowny face. That's for you Angi)

Thank goodness it isn't Thursday anymore (tgiita)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

say cheese

So last week I took the kids to the zoo. They waited all week for it. It was what they wanted to do the most. Above the mall and even above swimming, they wanted the zoo. So thursday was zoo day. As soon as we crossed the threshold their moods changed and as it turned out the only things that wanted to pose for pictures were...........

the animals...........

....and maybe Jack, on occasion.

And Amelia, as long as she's here.

Ahhhh, Spring Break = Good Times. Every year never fails to surpass the year before.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the cul-de-sac of chaos

On Saturday I decided that as a family we were going to do one more fun thing before this break was done. Dinner and a movie. The kids wanted to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Lies. I wanted to see it. #1 was so great I saw it three times.

Anyway, a snow storm struck and it took me three minutes to talk the man into staying home the whole day instead of coming home at lunch. Little did I know that that snowstorm would later become our demise. Or almost.

The Dabels Demise. Or almost.

The movie started at 2:15. We left at 1:30. The man took the side roads, opposite of what I would have done with 4 feet of snow on the ground. I would have turned as soon as possible to get to the main, plowed road, but not him. He is invincible. He took the side roads. When we turned a corner to get to the main road there was a moving van blocking our path. He had no choice but to turn into a cul-de-sac to turn around.

The cul-de-sac of chaos.

As he tried the actual turn around, which involved driving up on someone's piled high sidewalk, and their lawn, I said "Oh, don't do it, you'll get stuck."

We got stuck. Really stuck. He rocked and he rolled. He claims this is sure fire. (He taught me this trick the first winter we were married after I got our little Honda stuck three times. I have not been stuck again until this winter. Different story.)

After rocking and rolling for, I don't know, ten minutes, I thought to myself "when will he concede?"

Cul-de-sac members were peeking out of windows. People started to come out and shovel their walks, all the while keeping an ever vigilant eye on the damage being done by my mongo truck. And then some men appeared. Men who figured my man didn't know what he was doing. I wonder why they thought that.

Lots of advice (from them), lots of "I know's" (from mine).

Some digging, some shoveling and it was time to push.

They pushed us right sideways in between some vehicles and never was anyone so stuck in the history of stuck anyones.

"I need to go get my truck and pull us out," he says.

"Okay," I say.

Off he goes, on foot. It is snowing hard but it isn't cold so it's melting all over him.

I sit with the kids who by this time have had it. They want to speak but they know if they do they may lose their lives. Except for Amelia, who isn't old enough to understand the 'when dad is mad, kid zips lip' rule. She learned pretty quick.

Eventually, with the mad dad being gone, they got some nerve to speak. But sadly, their nerve only allowed for super annoying and not very intelligent things to come out of their mouths.

Everyone was hungry. It was 2:15, movie was starting. Lots of pushing each other's buttons. Lots of mom warning them to make smart choices. Lots of not listening. Lots of "get it together before dad gets back."

Holden started the 'I am going to the beach and I am taking.....' game.

Holden: "I'm going to the beach and I am taking a towel."

Jack: "I am going to the beach and I am taking a towel and sunscreen."

Cicely: "I am going to the beach and I am taking a towel, some sunscreen and a sandwich."

Me: "I am going to the beach, alone, with a diet pepsi and a book."

Them: "Mom!!! You lose!"

Me: "Yes. Yes I do."

My phone rings. It's the man.

"Do you know where my other set of truck keys are?"

"No. I don't," I respond ever so sweetly, noticing that he has used one of his sets to drive my truck. I also have my own set.

He hangs up.

A neighbour comes out to see what's up. We are stuck 5 feet from his shiny black truck. He offers to drive the keys over to the man. I call the man. He does not answer.

Into the mouth of the cul-de-sac enters a familiar truck. Not the man's truck but the neighbour's truck. Ahhhh, Mike. You really are a hero. After dropping the man off, Mike gets stuck in this cul-de-sac of chaos. Mike gets unstuck, shiny black truck man tells my man he'll pull us out and Mike drives off.

The man informs me that his other keys are in his truck's ignition and the doors are locked. Of course they are. The man also tells me that Mike got stuck outside of his house, as well, trying to give the man a ride over, which is why they took so long.

Mike will be getting cupcakes sometime this week.

Shiny black truck man hooks his rope to my truck. Pulls. Snap. Broken rope. Shiny black truck man drives my man home.

We wait. Again.

Man returns with his truck. Hooks us up. After numerous tries, pulls us to freedom.

It is 2:45.

I ask the kids what they want to do. I get four cranky responses and none of them are even remotely helpful. We begin to follow the man home when he stops to help some poor woman get her car unstuck. She is just beyond the perimeter of the cul-de-sac. The evil is oozing out.

Nobody knows what they want, they are completely befuddled by the bedlam. I am forced to make the ultimate decision about how we will spend the rest of our day. I can't bear the thought of being at home with these cranky kids and since I know sitting in a theatre will brighten, at the very least, my day I decide that we are off to the mall. Poo poo the rest of you, if that isn't what you want.

We go to the mall and eat in the food fair. We see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 at 4:50. We laugh.

After all, what other choice do we possibly have after a day like that?

Monday, April 4, 2011

the skinny on exile island

The skinny last week was B.A.D. 2 runs. 8 miles.

Sorry, that's it. That's all I got. Let's see.....what can I blame it on. Oh, I know. Spring Break and my period. Kids and cramps.

Good enough for me.

I am still sugar free, except for one little ice cream cone. Wow, it was good. I'll get to the meat.

I miss facebook. I feel as though I have imposed a self inflicted banishment to facebook exile island.

Hello??? Is anyone out there??? Hello???

It has become very apparent to me that I may not have any friends. I wonder how long it would be before someone called me up to see how I'm doing. Or ask me out. Who am I kidding, that never happened before. But, it felt like it could, at any moment, with all that faux friendshipping going on. Even my own mother said she would have to call me now since she can't send me a message.

Catherine Siakaluk Dabels is very sad and lonely.

The only adult I've spoken to over the last three days was the man. And the kid behind the counter at the movie, whom I pretended was a grown up because I have a good imagination. He gave me popcorn. I said thank you.

On Friday night the man took me to Montana's because he wanted meat. I wanted it to. I was so excited about it all day. My mouth drooled on occasion. We got there, he ordered ribs and chicken.

I chickened out. I ordered the veggie burger.

Catherine Siakaluk Dabels did not eat meat on Friday.

Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools. i wish.

Today is April 1st. This has many meanings.

1. It is the end of vegetarian month.

2. It is the beginning of facebook free month.

3. It is my blog-aversary. Or my bloggy birthday. Call it what you may. We need to celebrate. I just need to figure out what that means. I should've said something on facebook before I left. Dang it.

So, back to 1. Vegetarian month was awesome. It really was. I loved it. I was bowled over with all the ideas of food deliciousness that have always been available to me but I had never tapped on because, well, I never bothered to try.

What I loved most about it was how easy AND delicious all the meals were. Well most of them. Not dealing with meat frees up a lot of time. You can make something amazing in 15 minutes.

A herb garden at my window would have been super handy though. And I never once made potatoes, which is so interesting to me because I figured it would be a staple. And, well, it wasn't.

What I didn't love was the gas. I had gas. A lot of gas. But I never felt bloated or ill. Just gas-y. Small price to pay, I suppose.

I also didn't love the how oldest children complained. Actually, complained is the wrong word because they weren't allowed to complain. That was the deal. No whining about food during vegetarian month. They didn't whine but instead just plain refused to eat. When I announced that I was only going to be making meat once a week for the month of April Jack said he would be starved to death by May.

RIP Jack. You were loved......until vegetarian month.

The man LOVED vegetarian month although he wasn't a true vegetarian like I was. He loved the meals I made at dinner. The man took to the quinoa like they were soul mates who'd been separated tragically and then reunited after years of anguish and the knowledge that their other half had been ripped from them. It was like a love story equalled only by that in a Jane Austin novel.

We love the man. And Jane Austin.

Back to 2. Facebook free month. It did occur to me that since it is April fools today I could actually change my mind and tell everyone I was joking. Before I even closed my account I was missing it and felt like I was saying good bye to my very bestest of friends.

What have I done?

I have no friends over here in the SE of Calgary. None in my ward. None that I see except at book club once a month. I have no connection to anyone I really know except through facebook.

Again, I reiterate, what have I done???

It is going to be a long, lonely month...........

Back to 3. April 14 is the one year anniversary of my blog. I do believe I would like to give something away. Or somethings. So if you want something, you better keep coming back to see what they are and then you better play along. Only if you want to though. Only if you want to. No pressure. None.

What is it?? I don't know. Maybe a few of my favourite things??

When the dog bites. When the bee stings. When I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favourite things...... And then I don't feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel sooooo saaaaaad.

Where is this going?

I don't have a clue.