Saturday, March 26, 2011

the skinny and the brain deadness

The skinny this week is not so great. If you read my last post you know that I'm on holiday somewhere unpleasant and I am feeling less than awesome. My happy pills have kicked in so I feel less violent and I'm sleeping again but my energy is nada.

I am surviving and right now that doesn't include a lot of exercise. I did 26 miles in two workouts.

The thing I hate most about PMS is that I just stop caring. I just don't care that I'm not doing the things I should be doing. Normally it's the caring that drives me but since I have no caring I have no drive.

Make sense?

I promise not to talk about my PMS anymore. At least not for an entire month.

It doesn't help that I ran out of Bones to watch while I workout. How can I go on?

I am announcing April's goal right now. Ready for it? Hold on tight.......... here we go.........


I am giving up Facebook for an entire month. I expect to feel very left out and isolated but it's okay. I may actually accomplish some stuff. Like laundry. And painting closets. And reading more. And less brain deadness.

I am strangely looking forward to it. 5 more sleeps.

Here is a yummy recipe we tried this week. Everyone liked it and that is saying a lot around here. My friend Lonnie turned me on to it. I didn't bother to find the sweet chili sauce they talk about and instead used the sweet Thai chili sauce I have from Costco. My only complaint in doing this was that I, personally, found the dish to be bland. I added some Frank's Red Hot With Lime to mine and then it was really good.


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  1. Facebook? Really? How will I get through the day without a post from Catherine? Are we able to vote? Good luck! I love reading your blog!