Monday, March 7, 2011

march madness

What's in store for March? Well, I'll tell you. You may not like it. You may scoff and scorn. You may criticize and think I'm a super dummy. But I don't care, I'm excited about it. It's something I've always wanted to try but have never taken the time to understand. And then there's the family thing. Whenever I bring it up everyone else groans and rolls their eyes and gives me the "what in the bleepin' bleep is wrong with you?" stare. (When you are the main chef in the house and you chef up something people don't want you may get that stare often.)

But, for whatever reason, when I mentioned it as part of my 2011 resolution initiative, they all gave me the "um, okay, if you think it is worth a try" stare. So we're giving it a go.

What is it? What is it?


Yep, you heard me right. I am going vegetarian for the rest of the month of March.

Why? Oh why would a meat lover like me give up the meat? Well, because I have had meat almost every day for 37 years and I want to know if my body might like a little less meat in it. Definitely ON it but in it as well.

Now this isn't like the sugar thing. I'm more than happy to live a life without sugar, or very restricted sugar, because of how I feel, but I am certain, certain, that I will never ever permanently give up meat. But for a month, or most of a month, I will give it up, get it out of my system, gauge how I feel about it and then decide if it's worth it to only eat it a few times a week.

Is the family on board? Surprisingly....yes. When I told them that I wasn't cooking two separate dinners every night they said fine. When I told them I was going to be making things no one here has ever tasted, they said fine. When I told them that if they didn't like it they would be hungry, they said fine. They can have meat, I'm just not cooking it. Fine.

I do suspect there may a trip or two to Five Guys over the next couple of weeks for some people of the male variety around here. Those boys love their meat.

Last night, as a farewell to meat we had steak night. We buy and make the most amazing steaks in the world. I have never had a better steak anywhere else. Anyway, we ate early, 3:45 ish. Don't ask, long story, boring details. It was so good. We ate slow and savoured the succulence of the red meat. meat.

There was one steak left over. It called my name from the fridge all night long. It said "If you don't eat me who will? Come to me pretty lady and say your last farewell."

So I did.

That last steak may have been a mis-steak. Ba dum ching. Good bye beautiful steak. I will think of you fondly while I eat my tofu and stuff.....

So no sugar and no meat. Interesting.


The skinny for the past two weeks is this:

I worked out twice between Feb 21-26 and did about 15 miles (I'm too lazy to go and check)
None the next week because we went away to see my parents and I didn't work out.

I did take my shoes and my gym clothes and told myself it was possible and a person with a healthy mind and determination would exercise regardless of where she was.

Apparently, I'm not that person.


  1. I can't wait to hear how it goes. We really don't eat any red meat at our house anymore. We do eat chicken and ground turkey with an occasional pork chop and we don't miss it at all. Good Luck! Post what you are cooking, I'd love to try some new recipes.

  2. Interesting. I'm curious as to what varieties of meat your family ate. Organic? Grass fed? That sort of thing? Or whatever was at the local grocery store? Our fam has done a slightly different thing….trying to buy meat that is natural and nothing weird has been done to it during it's process. Definitely a different feeling. I mean, we were't major meat eaters anyway….but I noticed a difference. I'll be very interested to see what you use for your proteins. Good luck :)

  3. You will notice a huge difference 'digestively' so be careful when you reintroduce meat. We went off red meat for 2 weeks and felt awful the next time we had it. Awful!! More veggies= more gas, but less smelly, and less pain and bloating. There you have it. I said it.
    We haven't cut out meat all together except for red meat. We still do chicken very once in a while and mostly Salmon and Tilapia. Quinoa and chock peas are great sources of protein without having to go the tofu route. There's lots of estrogen in tofu so you'll want to be careful how much you use. I'm excited for recipes that your family enjoys.

  4. I have been a vegetarian for almost 13 years and I feel great :) I still cook it for my family but I don't eat it myself.
    Good luck!!

  5. I did it for a year. Though I did return to meat (and love it even more now), it has given me a wider variety of foods and recipes to choose from...and not every dinner revolves around meat anymore. Not a bad thing!

    Good luck!

  6. This is crazy and I can't support it! No, just kidding. Good luck!

    It should save you money and Natasha has a good point about a wider variety of foods!

  7. Couldn't do it.... tofu? No way....