Monday, March 28, 2011


To my boys........

....this is awesome.

If I let them go outside and play with the icicles then I would be awesome.

But I do declare, head wounds are not awesome.

They have been distracted with nerf guns, which is awesome.

I am reading a really fun book and that is awesome.

So far, besides the absolutely crappy weather, Spring Break is proving to be awesome.

It's only Monday. We'll see how long it lasts.


  1. That icicle is pretty impressive. My kids would all think it was awesome.... though, I know they'd all be fighting over who gets to knock it off and have it if it were here.
    Hey, and what book are you reading? A really fun book, sounds like something I could use.

  2. For REAL when I was about 8 one of my brothers and I were going to visit my grandma and we were knocking on her front door and up above us were icicles like that and when he knocked on the door, he looked up and an icicle fell right into his eye. As in pierced his eye ball. It was one of the grosses things I have EVER SEEN (a side from the time a different brother cut off the end of his thumb on a table saw... or the brother than spilt his head open with a large mound of dirt that he was throwing in the air to break on his head but ended up there was a rock in the middle of it....)