Sunday, February 13, 2011

the skinny part deux

Busy week. Not much fun. More stress. Less sleep.

I did 17.81 miles of running/walking.

I am still off sugar. I actually feel remarkably fantastic about the whole thing. I will admit I am surprised by it all. I have lots to say about it but not right now. I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'no sugar' thing will continue on past the month of February. For me, anyway. Not the 13 year old who may die if she doesn't get some soon. She made sugar free red velvet cupcakes last night and they were either really good or we are so desperate we can't tell what good is anymore.

Regardless, I feel great without sugar. I like that feeling a lot.

We listed our house this week despite the fact it isn't done. There was an open house yesterday with a very decent turnout. I am not hopeful anything will happen soon and I feel entitled to this level of pessimism since today we discovered a new leak in the roof and the dishwasher started leaking on the kitchen floor. The man is still working to get things put back together and it is 7:45 on a Sunday night. I feel badly for the man.

Remember the movie the Money Pit? That is my life right now. Everything is falling apart. Apparently, it's only funny to watch though because no one around here is laughing all that much. Except at church when I make funny jokes and we laugh at me. I guess I am funny at church.

I now know why I can't decide where I want to live. It is all about the house for me. I'll know the house when I see it. And it may not be where I was hoping it would be. There's too much to think about in that regard so I will just focus on exercise and getting this dumb ol' house sold.

Good luck to Willacy, I think it now needs it.........


  1. Money Pit is one of the funniest movies. I agree that it would NOT be funny if you were the central characters though...

    I'm interested to hear/read what you have to say about the no sugar thing. We are sugar addicts here and I know it's not a good thing...the highs, the crashes, rinse, repeat...

  2. You can take my opinion or leave it but why is "the house" so important? Isn't being happy with where you are now and just being thankful for a home better than always looking for something better, bigger, different? I don't know what you're looking for in a home but I am just so thankful to be able to afford a house at all and to make it a home for my family. I am sad that the house is so important. I hope you are able to find what you are searching for.