Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the unicorn and the princess

Last night I slept from midnight until 8:07 this morning when the children's voices woke me for school. The last time I slept like that was in 1979, when I was six.

Last week was brutal for sleep which I may have already mentioned. I started to dread bed time. The idea of lying in my cozy bed next to my cozy man and not have sleep take me was starting to scare me. Stress from life is so high right now. I almost can't see an end to it. This morning I yelled "My life sucks, everything in the universe sucks!" when I couldn't get the lid off a thermos. Over dramatic? Probably.

Back to the sleep thing. I started to avoid it. I thought if sleep doesn't know I am trying to lasso it then it can't evade me. I started staying up way too late, well past the point of exhaustion, in the hopes that my body would have no choice but to sleep harder until closer to the morning. I know 4 am is the morning but that's not the kind of morning I am talking about.

The problem with this strategy is that I don't go to bed with the man if I stay up too late. Our entire married life we have gone to bed at the same time, unless one of us is mad at the other, which is really not that often. It's our thing. We believe it's good for us and I think we're right. We go to bed at 10 or before but lately it's just been him and who could blame him, his life sucks right now too.

Anyway, the point is last night I slept. 8 straight hours. I can hardly believe it. I thought it worth mentioning.

Other things worth mentioning?

-I hate MLS. It irritates me. I find no answers there and therefore I want to shoot it.
-I miss sugar but it is definitely more emotional than physical.
-I hate the snow. So much do I hate the snow.
-and the cold. I hate it so much I want to shoot it.
-I want a magic wand so I don't have to do anything. I don't want to do anything. Ever.
-except a movie. I want to go to a movie

Okay. Enough. I am grateful too but today I am a whining princess.

And, one more thing. Have you ever been to Blockbuster with a unicorn?

I have.


  1. I love it when kids go through a dress up stage :) Lucy wore a pair of purple wings EVERY where for like 2 weeks when she was 3. It was awesome! AND why do you hate MLS?

  2. I often want to shoot things too. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  3. 8 hours...sounds entirely blissful. I hope I don't have to wait as many years as you did for it!

  4. LOL!! I Just love the Unicorn at the movie store!!!

  5. Yesterday was an "I don't need sugar" day, but today is quite the opposite. I'm glad I read your post because it reminded me that I don't want to give in to it thinking it will make me feel better when I know it really won't.

    I'm glad you finally got some sleep & I hope it happens again soon!