Thursday, January 20, 2011

musical spoons

A few people have asked me what musical spoons is. I wish, now, I had recorded the kids playing it at Amelia's party. They were so cute and so supportive of each other. Lots of "you can do it"s and "I'll try my best"s. Their kindergarten teacher must be all about team work.

Anyway, it's exactly like musical chairs but as far as I'm concerned a whole lot less dangerous. You use one less spoon than players. I used my coffee table since my kitchen table is high and I wasn't interested in goose eggs on foreheads.

Hands behind backs. Music on. Children walk in a circle, in the same direction, around the table. Music off. Person without a spoon sits down. Do it again and remove a spoon. Repeat fifty times or until someone cries.

Good times.


  1. I used to play a game kind of like that in college. Except there was alcohol involved. It always ended with someone crying too!

  2. Thank you! I'll remember this one.

  3. That is a safer way of playing it.

    LOL @ CanadianMama!!

  4. Tagged you in a Meme - check it out and then you better do it or else!

  5. This is funny, I'm laughing out loud...actually I'm snorting, but you didn't need to know that part....