Wednesday, January 12, 2011

broken children and gnashing of teeth

I want to blog but don't really have anything to say. Because I'm boring. Sometimes being boring is totally okay though. It's beats being sick or destitute or having Bell's Palsy any day. So I will babble.

I have almost worked out the kinks in my third resolution. It's a biggie. Huge, actually. A real test for me and my psyche. It could go really good or really, really bad. I'm giving myself until the end of January to settle in to my new life and then I will report. Ooooh, what could it be, you are wondering. Well, don't wonder too hard, it's not that exciting.

Last week I walked or ran or ellipticled (this IS a word because I says so) almost 25 miles. I have no idea if that's good but I'll take it. It was about 24 miles more than I did the week before and by that rationale it is awesome. I am second guessing my ability to run a 10k in under an hour, I don't know what I was smoking the day I thought this was doable but I will be quite pleased if I can get it done in the hour range, give or take a few minutes. Okay, just give a few minutes....just a few.

Anyway, this week I will aim for a bit more.

Why won't my two oldest kids eat their supper? And why does this annoy me so much? Why do I care? I'm a believer in natural consequences, they torture the kids so I don't have too. But they don't alleviate my irritation when I make a delicious dinner, like last night, and then the two oldest won't eat it. Did they go to bed hungry? Yeah, they did. But I went to bed irritated. And that's just not right. They are 13 and 11. It makes no sense. EAT, little trolls, EAT!

The 7 year old thinks I'm an award winning super chef and eats multiple servings of everything I make. The 4 year old eats well too, for a four year old.

The other two are broken.

It's really cold here and I've turned into a hermit. No, wait, I was a hermit before but now it isn't so weird. I went to Safeway yesterday at 3:40 to get a rotisserie chicken to make Butter Chicken for dinner and they didn't have any.

me to deli lady: I was wondering if you had chickens in the back that are ready to go?

deli lady, rude deli lady: No

me: Do you know how long it will be before some are ready?

rude deli lady: Look, we have turkey and ham. No chicken.

rude me (poor self control): You know it's almost supper time right? And mom's like me are running here to grab a chicken for dinner before we get our kids. This would be a really good time to have some chickens ready.

rude deli lady: Eat turkey.

rude me: If I wanted turkey I wouldn't be standing here irritating you, would I?

So I went to Sobey's. I hate grocery shopping. This is why I never leave the house. I'm not good with people when I'm not getting what I want.

I love Butter Chicken.

On Friday my baby will be 5. Ask me how I feel about this. No don't. Unless you have a very comfy shoulder I might borrow while I weep and wail and gnash my teeth. I can't believe it. My baby will be five.


  1. I have lots of things to say so here it goes in point form.

    -well done on the miles. I don't know if it's good or not but it certainly SOUNDS it must be, right?

    -I'm making butter chicken for dinner tonight. It was decided BEFORE I read this post. Weeeiiird.

    -The butt crack picture is possibly the greatest picture ever.

    -I want to punch rude deli lady, is that wrong?

    -Happy Birthday sweet little girl!

  2. No this isn't right. She can't be 5! How is that possible? I remember her running around in pj's with feet being all baby and cute. She can't be 5!!

    ps. Nice work on the 25 miles, I did none!

  3. oh MAN that picture of her getting a piggy back CRACKS me up :)

  4. She's sweet, cute and very pretty! 25 miles in this weather rocks! Way to go! Maybe I should swipe that goal for next week. Thanks for the babble I enjoyed reading it more tonight then trying to get my six year troll to brush his teeth!