Saturday, December 4, 2010


When the man returned home from Fort McMurray he discovered that I, in my attempt to fix the computer, had made the mouse right click as opposed to left click and could not get it to go back. It was a nuisance but we were surviving. He surmised that in order to return the world to it's natural state the whole computer needed to be reformatted. So that's what he did.

In doing so he completely messed up the universe as we understood it. iTunes was different and all our playlists were gone, amongst other things. Instead of just spending the time to redo them I asked the man if he would be so kind as to try and replace them with the ones on my iPhone.

The next day he attempted just that. However, the moment he chose to do it was the moment he returned home from getting a root canal.

He played with my phone and then went and did this for three hours.

It was during this time that I discovered he had deleted every single thing from my phone. Not the end of the world. I know this. But if you keep your life in your phone and then you lose it? Well, it's a problem. Even all the information I had backed up into the computer was gone. Actually, it's probably not gone. I just have no clue how to find it.

I went to tell him this little bit of info and thank him profusely for his generous service. He growled at me and rolled over.

Since then, I have found my millions of apps but we don't know how to get them back onto my iPhone or even retrieve them in any sort of helpful way. Now if I could just find the 20 notes I had stored in there.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the man. You're the bomb, babe.

On a separate note. Another belt test last night. Green stripes. Way to go boys.

Now, you're the bomb.

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  1. HEY! where do the boys go to karate? how long have they been doing that?