Sunday, December 12, 2010

calorie overload and forgotten children

On Wednesday I went to a cookie exchange with some ladies from church. By Friday morning all the goodies were gone. I didn't eat them all myself but I did eat enough to vow NEVER to do another cookie exchange for as long as I live. How many calories are in 5 dozen Christmas treats? Strike that. I don't want to know.

I have been running ever since. My knees hurt. And I'm very tired.

I have to speak in church today. My topic is the Saviour. My, oh my. Easiest talk I ever wrote. I was so engrossed in the writing of it Thursday morning that I forgot to get Amelia from school. I was in my jammies, my hair was everywhere, my makeup was still rubbed all under my eyes, no bra. The phone rang at 12:20. Amelia gets out of school at 11:50. I looked at the call display and saw it was the school, still nothing clicked.

me: Hello?

them: Hi Catherine, it's Shirley from the school. (Yes, her name is Shirley and yes, it's perfect for an elementary school secretary)

me: Oh HI! How are you? (see, Shirley and I actually have a history that goes back a few years but it's a long story and I won't bore you.)

them: I'm well, thank you. But I was wondering who was going to come and get Amelia today.

me: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bad mommy! Unbelievable. I forgot my child. When I got there she was playing with Floam, completely unaware.

Anyway, when I asked Amelia if she forgives me for forgetting her at school she said "Mommy, I always forgive you when you do bad things."



  1. Aww, that is so sweet! Now you know you can do bad things all the time!

    And I agree 2010 blew for you! Hopefully 2011 is the best year ever!

  2. I adore your blog and your humor. Even your comments on Canadian Mama's Facebook make me laugh. Thanks!!!! Following you now :)

  3. Hmm well right now it won't let me....but I will follow as soon as it let's me.

  4. LOL!! I just love kids and the things they say!!!

    Now if it were me, my son would not forgive me :( LOL

  5. That is too cute... but I am curious.... did you take the time to put a bra on before you flew out the door?