Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas lists

For Christmas I asked my acupuncturist to lift my spirits. She obliged. That with some vitamin D and I seem to have found my happy place.

Oh joy.

For Christmas the man asked for a root canal. I obliged. It's so practical and fits perfectly into the Christmas budget. He has a knack for timing, bad timing, and this root canal three weeks before Christmas really showcases his "timing" skills. Usually it's new tires or a massive truck repair so I was pleased that this year I was able to give him something totally different.

Cicely has asked for........ nothing. She'd better come up with something or I may oblige.

Jack has asked for the biggest, baddest, roughest, toughest, Nerf gun ever known to man. We'll see.

Holden wants an iPod Nano. That's it? Okay.

Amelia wants everything at ToysR'Us. Can you narrow it down, kid? Please?

I'm still waiting for the energy/desire/motivation to decorate the house for Christmas. No one really seems to care around here except for Amelia who said this to me last week, "EVERYONE is getting ready for Christmas except YOU mommy."

What?? This isn't Christmas-y enough for you little child?

This is the extent to which I have decorated thus far. It just isn't cutting it for the four year old. I have no idea why.........

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