Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas 2010

For about three days now I have been trying to upload a video to my blog but it just won't do it! And, it's driving me nuts. It was all the photos I took over the last few days and it would have really summed up my Christmas without so many words. Know what I mean?

For whatever reason blogger won't let me link or upload or do anything fun and I'm cranky about it. So now, what you get, is point form. That's kind of fun....right?

-Christmas Eve brunch at my house for 17 people. Delish and I think it should become an annual tradition.

-Christmas Eve annual 'Dabels Christmas Eve movie' (redundant? maybe) was the Narnia movie and since I took a fairly lengthy nap in the middle I simply don't recall whether it was good or not.

-Christmas morning was fun and it involved a LOT of Nerf bullets. I'm still pulling them out of my hair.

-Christmas dinner was with our friends the Mysyks. They came over for Cafe Rio and some games. It was loud.

-Boxing Day dinner with the man's entire side of the family at my house. 23 people to be exact. First time we have all been together in a really long time. It was great. Food was good. Company was better and it was really nice to see everyone. It was especially touching that they all made the trip. All of them live hours away. We had a gift exchange and you'll never believe what I stole from someone and kept all to myself. That's right. A Chapters gift card. Thanks Jennifer, you're the sister-in-law bomb.

-the 27th I laid around in my pj's all day and did absolutely nothing. Actually, I did that the next day too.

-today I worked out for the first time in a week. Scary. I have no idea how much weight I gained over the last week because the scale and I aren't speaking. My clothes are talking to me though and they are less than impressed.

-I made a new year's resolution but I'm not telling yet.

-next week I am going to Chapters and I WILL be spending money.

-we had a very Merry Christmas around here. Except for the 11 year old who has made it his sole purpose in life to spill the beans to the 7 year old about santa. He has been sufficiently threatened and I think he may have come around to my way of thinking. You know, the "keep the secret and I won't hurt you" way of thinking.

-the man is off to work and I am still trying to figure out when the last time I ate a piece of fruit was.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone.

Good riddance to 2010. 2011 can only get better.....right?

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  1. I got a Chapters gift card too! What are you spending yours on? I can't decide...I want (well, not want...more like need) the new Jillian Michaels DVD which is supposed to tone up my sad abs after being pregnant.