Thursday, November 25, 2010

parent teacher interviews

This week was parent teacher interviews. I understand the theory behind them, I really do but............

Aren't they mostly just a waste of time?

I always go to Meet the Teacher night because I actually do care, contrary to what may come out of my mouth the day of these most valuable evenings. I go and say hi and in the allotted time I have been given, which is not one second more than 15 minutes, I try really hard to get a feel for the person that will be teaching my child for the next ten months. In all my years of having kids in school only once I have I walked out of a Meet the Teacher night and known, without a doubt, that my child had the wrong teacher.

I didn't do anything about that because I prefer to hide my indifference and then, when the moment is right, pounce and unleash on any teacher who may want to make an attempt at changing my child in any way. I lay, in wait, like a mama bear waiting for the provocation.

I dare you to try and tell me about my kid, whom I birthed, and not so gently either. I dare you to tell me he doesn't like to sit still. I dare you to tell me he doesn't care for math and that he prefers graphic novels to boring old regular novels with words. I dare you to tell me he would prefer the playground to mat time. I dare you to tell me he gets attitude when confronted. I dare you to tell me something I don't already know. I dare you.

After I had a teacher tell me what I could do at home to 'fix' my child I decided that I wouldn't be doing parent teacher interviews anymore unless there was actual need. I would base that need upon report cards and my child's general attitude toward school. (It is here that you may judge me for my apathy towards my child's education. Go on, I can take it.)

So this year, I met teachers. All but one but that was because they didn't have a Meet the Teacher night. So I tried to schedule an interview after his impeccable report card came home. The only time they would give me was the EXACT time I had to be half an hour away picking up another child from a field trip.

So, really, how important is this interview, which again, was given 15 minutes of time?

I asked the child involved what he thought. He said "do you wanna see the teacher?" I responded with "do YOU want me to see the teacher?" To which he replied "I couldn't care less."

All right then, enough said.

I know a few teachers. I have two siblings who are teachers. I have never heard a teacher speak enthusiastically about p/t interviews. In fact, one actually said to me "Trust me, I'd rather be somewhere else."

Apparently, they like it just as much as I do.

I wonder if my attitude has anything to do with how many parent teacher interviews my parents attended........

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