Saturday, November 20, 2010

christmas comes early

I don't want to brag but my kids are so well trained it's quite remarkable. They will grow up to make fantastic spouses and as of right now I am so pleased with the job I've done.

Today I walked into the main bathroom in our house and found this.

A fresh, still in the package roll of toilet paper waiting for me to unwrap it and insert it onto the toilet paper holder.

It was like Christmas.

Someone went out of their way to get up from the toilet after using the last little bit, dig underneath the sink for another roll and then leave it, perched, ever so gently, on top of the holder for the next unlucky sap who came in.

How did they know it would be me?

Wow.... the courtesy.

I'm so proud.

And yes, I did have to yell for someone to bring me my phone so I could capture this special moment. I couldn't go get it myself because I was busy unwrapping my present....... if you know what I mean.