Thursday, October 28, 2010

what the mcWhat??

Here's a little social experiment I stumbled upon yesterday. Not even looking for it and it smacked me in the face and gave me lots to think about all day long. Thought I'd share.

Every Wednesday Cicely, who's home schooled (against my will) goes to a writers conference. While we wait for her, Amelia and I get some lunch. Because Amelia has me whipped she pretty much gets what she wants for lunch on these particular days.

* In an homage to my good parenting I will insert here that on occasion she does pick Subway.*

Yesterday, however, she picked McDonalds. Now keep in mind that it has been some time since I set foot in a McDonalds so maybe things have changed but .......I doubt it.

Here is something else to keep in mind as you ponder. This is where the experiment comes into play. I was in a sketchy part of town. Less than desirable, I dare say, for a great many reasons. Reasons I will let you assume on your own.

Amelia wanted to eat in the playplace and who would blame her, she's 4. So we went in.

"Where is the playplace?" she asked in her ever so cute voice.

"Ummm.... I don't know", I responded in my ever so confused and hugely disappointed voice.

What I saw, instead of the fun static infested playground, was many of these:

About 8, in fact. 8 video game stations. Instead of a playground there were video game stations.

It's not like I don't let my kids play video games because I do. But am I wrong in stating that the ONLY thing that ever balanced out the unhealthy aspect of McDonald's was the playplace? It was, right? It's why we take our kids there. So they can 'burn it off'.

Now the experiment part. I have had many foster kids in my home that have come from this 'end of town'. Many of them have had behavioral disorders. Many of them were hooked on video games. Many of them were raised by video games. Many of them were medicated due to certain disorders they had been diagnosed with.

I don't judge, I'm just stating what I know to be true. The facts as they have been shown to me through real life experience.

So my quandary is this. Unless all McDonald's have changed their playplaces to videogame stations (and if they have then I will never eat inside a McDonald's again), why would they condone that particular restaurant in that most fortuitous location to change theirs?

It's interesting....... isn't it?

Amelia gave the new concept exactly 45 seconds of her time and then said she was done. We left with no physical exertion being expended at all besides the moving of our jaws.

Good thing Holden wasn't there. He'd have thought he'd died and gone to heaven.


  1. I can't even believe this is true! Even with the pictures I cannot believe this! It's the worst thing I've ever seen - honestly!

  2. REALLY???? What a horrible thing to put in a McDonalds!

  3. There is another one by my place that has video games too. :( We usually take the drive out to Airdrie so my son can PLAY!! He loves the play places but there are not that many in my area of the city. :(
    I personally HATE (I know not a very nice word but it is true) the fact that video games are soooo much of a child's life!!

  4. That is so very sad. Wow.

  5. I am shocked! I'm not a McDonalds visitor or eater so I had no idea things had gotten so bad!

  6. Shut-up you're homeschooling? When the heck have you found the time? Advice PLEASE! Was it the Simon Rose one by any chance?

  7. Hey, I'm pretty sure I know which McDonalds you were at.... was it the one on 36th St. NE ... between Marlborough and Sunridge Mall?? If not, then that's exactly where you'd find another one of those McDonalds.
    I grew up in that area (and I hope you weren't stating facts about me! having grown up around there) and yes, it's a sad thing to have those instead of the play park. But, I'll also say, usually they're not working. In fact, they're almost always broken! If not, it was a small miracle.

    Your blog always makes me smile. I always enjoy reading it!